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1996/97 Session

26 May 1997
28 April 1997
24 March 1997
24 February 1997
27 January 1997
23 December 1996
18 December 1996
25 November 1996
28 October 1996 (Joint meeting with Panel on Security)
28 October 1996
7 October 1996
2 October 1996

Appeal Channel in the Civil Services
Development of a Multi-skilled General Support Service
Allowance for Overtime Work
Assessment of Non-local Qualifications for Appointment to the Civil Service
Bilingual Language Policy in the Civil Service and Chinese Languages Requirements in Public-funded Organizations
Employment of Short Term or Temporary Staff in the Civil Service
Giving Effect to the Court of Appeal Judgement on the AECS Court Case
Government Advisory Bodies Relevant to the Terms of Reference of the Panel
Government Expenditure on Personal Emoluments and Personnel Related Expenses
Informal Get-togethers Between Senior Civil Servants and Chinese Government Officials
Judicial Review by the Association of Expatriate Civil Servants on the Localization Policy of the Civil Service
Monitoring Mechanism over the Repayment of Housing Loan
Overseas Medical Treatment for Civil Servants
Outstanding Item for Discussion
Outstanding Item for Discussion (as at 22 October 1996)
Prevention of Double Housing Benefits in the Civil Service
Regulations on the Appointment, Removal and Discipline of CIvil Servants after 1997 (27 January 1997)
Regulations on the Appointment, Removal and Discipline of Civil Servants after 1997 (24 February 1997)
Secondment of Civil Servants to Public-funded Organization
Secondment of a Civil Servant to the Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers (SARDA)
Terms and Conditions of Service for New Recruits
Update on Her Majesty's Overseas Civil Service
Written Submission by Expatriate Civil Servants of Hong Kong
Written Submission by the Local Crown Counsel Association

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