LegCo Paper No. CB(2) 1376/96-97(01)

LegCo Panel on Security
Outstanding Items for Discussion
(as at 4.3.1997)

A. Items raised by Members

1. Deployment of Mainland Troops in Hong Kong

Members decided at the Panel meeting on 29 January 1996 that this would be a standing item for discussion once every two months as from the April meeting.

2. Permanent Residency after 1997

Members decided at the Panel meeting on 28 October 1996 that this would be a standing item for discussion once every two months.

3. Follow-up on Issues of Non-Chinese Ethnic Minorities

Latest Developments

  1. On 4 February 1997, the Home Secretary announced the British Government’s intention to make provision enabling the non-Chinese ethnic minorities in Hong Kong to apply for registration as British citizens, giving them the right of abode in the United Kingdom after 30 June 1997.
  2. The Chairman of the House Committee wrote to the Prime Minister on 20 February 1997 to urge the British Government to announce the implementation details as soon as possible, and also ensure that the necessary legislative measures to grant those concerned British nationality are in place before 1 July 1997.
  3. The Clerk wrote to the Indian Resources Group on 21 February 1997 to invite views from them on the drafting of the Bill.
  4. On 25 February 1997, the Clerk requested the Administration to provide an update to the Panel on a bi-weekly basis.

4. The Interpretation and General Clauses (Amendment) Bill 1995

In the course of deliberations of the Interpretation and General Clauses (Amendment) Bill 1995, the Administration undertook to conduct a review on whether the Drug Trafficking (Recovery of Proceeds) Ordinance and the Organised and Serious Crime Ordinance should be exempted from the provisions of the Bill one year after the provisions were brought into effect in early 1996. The Administration agreed to revert to the Panel upon conclusion of the review in early 1997.

This item is deferred from the meeting on 10 March 1997 due to the tight schedule.

5. Abuse of Power by Police Officers

Raised by Hon Zachary WONG on 13 December 1996.

6. Visa Applications for Visiting Hong Kong beyond 1 July 1997

Raised by Hon Howard YOUNG on 13 January 1997. As visas for visiting Hong Kong issued by British Embassies may not be valid on or after 1 July 1997, Mr YOUNG is concerned :

  1. whether it is necessary for overseas visitors who intend to stay in Hong Kong beyond 1 July 1997 to apply for another visa from the Chinese side; and
  2. whether the Chinese side will only process visa applications from the overseas visitors concerned on or after 1 July 1997.

Mr YOUNG proposed to discuss this item in April 1997.

7. Statutory Power to Shutdown vice Establishments

Raised by Hon James TO on 28 February 1997. A note from Mr TO is attached at Annex.

8. Fire Safety Control of Karaoke Establishments

Referred by the Panel on Broadcasting, Culture and Sport on 27 February 1997.

LegCo Secretariat
4 March 1997



From: Hon James TO

To: Mrs Sharon TONG

Clerk to the LegCo Panel on Security

Date: 28 February 1997

Statutory Power to Shut Down Vice Establishment

I would like to raise the captioned issue for discussion at the meeting of the LegCo Panel on Security.

In view of the various difficulties faced by the police in handling prosecution against suspected offences in vice-related cases or prostitution, I suggest that the issue of "legislation against vice establishment, in particular the statutory power to shut down such establishment" should be included in the agenda of the LegCo Panel on Security for detailed discussion of the relevant legislation.

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