LegCo Paper No. CB(2) 120/96-97
Ref: CB2/PS/4/95

LegCo Panel on Security
Report of the Subcommittee on the Police Management Review


This paper reports on the work of the Subcommittee on the Police Management Review during the period of May 1995 to July 1996.


2. In May 1995, the Administration released 41 reports arising from a review of the manpower requirements of the Police Force. On account of the magnitude of subjects covered and the vast number of reports involved, the Security Panel decided on the formation of a subcommittee to examine the reports in more detail. The Subcommittee to study the reports of the Police Management Review was accordingly formed in May 1995.


3. Membership of the Subcommittee for the 1994-95 and the 1995-96 sessions are as follows:


    Hon James TO Kun-sun (Chairman)

    Hon Mrs Selina CHOW, OBE, JP

    Hon Zachary WONG Wai-yin


    Hon James TO Kun-sun (Chairman)

    Hon Mrs Selina CHOW, OBE, JP

    Hon Andrew CHENG Kar-foo (until 29 April 1996)

    Hon CHEUNG Hon-chung

    Hon HO Chun-yan

    Hon Bruce LIU Sing-lee

Terms of Reference

4. The terms of reference of the Subcommittee is " to consider the reports of the Police Management Review and to make appropriate recommendations ".

Schedule of Work

5. In view of the large number of reports involved, the Subcommittee agreed to examine these in accordance with the five programme areas of the Force’s activities. These are:

Programme Area



Maintenance of Law and Order


Prevention and Detection of Crime


Enlistment of Public Support for the Force


Reduction of Traffic Accidents


Field of Operations


Other Reports

6. The Subcommittee agreed that representatives from the Administration should be invited to the Subcommittee’s meetings to clarify and supplement information, and to report on progress of implementation of recommendations contained in the reports.

Deliberations and Recommendations

7. Between May 1995 and July 1996, the Subcommittee held 11 meetings to examine the reports. In addition, three visits to Police formations were organized to enable members to better comprehend situations on the ground.

8. The reports contained mainly recommendations on the overall staffing structure of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force and a number of functional studies. The Subcommittee went through 34 reports, including two reports concerning the review of the top command structure of the Force by Coopers and Lybrand, which involved issues of relatively major public concern, sought clarifications and additional information, and made recommendations where appropriate. A summary on the reports provided by the Administration when the reports were released is reproduced at Appendix I. Concerns raised by the Subcommittee on each of those reports examined are in Appendices II to VII.

9. A list of reports which have not yet been examined by the Subcommittee is at Appendix VIII.

10. The Subcommittee found the recommendations in the reports to be generally acceptable and when implemented would provide a balanced establishment, management and structure to lead the Force into the future. The reports also enhanced members’ understanding of the various programme areas of Police activities. The Subcommittee were however informed that implementation of many recommendations in the reports were still outstanding owing mainly to financial constraints. While being mindful of the significant staffing and financial implications involved, the Subcommittee did not consider this acceptable, bearing in mind that the review commenced in as early as 1992 and many deficiencies should have long been rectified.

11. The Subcommittee therefore recommends that the Administration should:

  1. provide a position report setting out those recommendations which have been implemented and the implementation schedule for those which are still outstanding;
  2. obtain the necessary resources to expedite implementation of the outstanding recommendations;
  3. provide explanations in the event that the recommendations will not be implemented or will be implemented later than the 1998-99 financial year;
  4. follow-up with the outstanding concerns raised by the Subcommittee on the reports as set out in Appendices II to VII and advise the Administration’s stance on the recommendations made therein; and
  5. respond in writing to the Subcommittee’s recommendations as set out under (a) to (d) above within one month from the endorsement of this report by the Panel.


12. The Subcommittee wishes to record its appreciation of the work of members of the Police Study Team in conducting the review and in producing the reports. These have provided a thorough introduction on the work of various Police formations and served as solid background for members of the Subcommittee to work on. Appreciation is also extended to officers from the Security Branch and the Police Force for attending meetings of the Subcommittee and elaborating on issues raised.

Advice Sought

13. Members are invited to support the recommendations of the Subcommittee at paragraph 11 above.

Legislative Council Secretariat
13 September 1996

Last Updated on 21 August 1998