LegCo Panel on Transport
Special meeting on 3 March 1997

The Administration undertook at the above meeting to provide the following information for members’ reference:

(1) the updated traffic projections for the Lantau Link taking into account factors such as "in-town check-in" services for the new Airport;

(2) details of information on the basis of which the Administration has devised the computerized framework for the traffic projections;

(3) working on the premise that the estimated project cost is $11019.19 million (Tsing Ma Bridge, Kap Shui Mun Bridge and Ma Wan Viaduct, and Lantau Toll Plaza including roadworks) and the opening toll is $30, the estimated Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and the Average Net Fixed Assets (ANFA) for the Lantau Link over a period of 30 years;

(4) with reference to a particular year, a breakdown of the projected expenditure for the Lantau Link, including depreciation and staff costs;

(5) details of capital investments which account for an upsurge in expenditure in 2002 and 2007; and reasons for an increase in ANFA from 2007 onwards;

(6) examples of other public utilities the operation periods of which are taken to be 20 years or below for the purpose of calculating ANFA;

(7) a breakdown of estimated project cost of $7952.21 million for the Tsing Ma Bridge;

(8) the estimated tolls and the traffic projections for the Lantau Link if the passageways in Sam Tseung and Green Island, which are scheduled for completion in 2006 and 2011 respectively, are delayed for opening by two years;

(9) the justifications for setting up only one toll collection plaza;

(10) to confirm that the maintenance cost borne by the building contractor for the Lantau Link has been excluded from the projected expenditure; and provide a list of on-going and capitalized maintenance items; and

(11) to clarify if the proposed tolls for the Tsing Ma Bridge are intended to cover usage of all facilities in the Tsing Ma Control Area.

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