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Eastern Harbour Crossing Toll Increase Arbitration


This note informs Members of the outcome of the Eastern Harbour Crossing toll increase arbitration.


2.On 24 October 1995, the Executive Council rejected the New Hong Kong Tunnel Company Limited’s application for a toll increase. The Company then indicated that it would submit its case to arbitration as provided for in section 55(3)(b) of the Eastern Harbour Crossing Ordinance, relevant extract is at Annex A.

3. On 11 January 1996, solicitors for the Company gave formal notice to Government of its intention to submit the proposal for increase of tolls to arbitration.

The Award

4. Arbitration hearing took place in February 1997. An Award was delivered by the Arbitrator on 4 March 1997, which specifies that the toll for private cars, electrically powered passenger vehicles, and taxis should be increased by $5, with corresponding increase for other classes of vehicles as from 1 January 1998. The Arbitrator issued an amended Award on 11 April, setting out the precise toll levels for other categories of vehicles. A comparison of the new and current toll schedules is at Annex B.

5. A copy of the arbitration report is at Annex C for Members’ perusal.

Transport Branch

7 May 1997

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