LegCo Panel on Transport
Subcommittee on Western Corridor Railway
Concerns raised by members at the
Meeting on 24 January 1997

  1. To advise if it is possible to speed up the process of transferring technologies from the consultants to the two railway Corporations with a view to promoting participation by local professionals, and to provide details of the 14 studies in Phase 2 of the Technical Studies Programme;
  2. with reference to Annex D of the information paper prepared by the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) for the meeting on 24 January 1997, to identify the posts which have been transferred from Pacific Bechtel to KCRC and to advise the transfer arrangements;
  3. to advise if the Administration and Pacific Bechtel would consider awarding contracts to other consultancy firms or undertaking contracts jointly with these firms; and
  4. to clarify if the fare structure of the Western Corridor Railway will be distance-based or if it will be related to the Project Internal Rate of Return of 13.2% preset by the Administration.

    Legislative Council Secretariat
    27 January 1997

    Last Updated on 22 August 1998