Prevention of Copyright Piracy Bill

Meeting on Friday, 6 March 1998 after House Committee meeting in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


  1. To consider the Administration response to members�following suggestions -
    1. To impose a time limit for any article sealed, detained, seized or removed under clauses 17 and 18;

    2. To upgrade the level of authorization for a public officer to discharge the duties under clauses 17 and 18;

    3. To include a provision on compensation in the Bill;

    4. To set out the general conditions for granting a licence in the form of a schedule to the Bill; and

    5. To simplify the procedure for processing an application for renewal of a licence, hence reducing the level of fee for such applications.

  2. To consider draft CSAs prepared by the Administration
  3. Any other business

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
5 March 1998

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