Provisional Legislative Council
Committee on Members ' Interests

Terms of Reference

Rule 74(1) of the Rules of Procedure

74.Committee on Members ' Interests

(1) There shall be a standing committee to be called the Committee on Members' Interests '

  1. to examine the arrangements made for the compilation, maintenance and accessibility of the Register of Members' Interests;

  2. to consider any proposals made by Members or others as to the form and contents of the Register;

  3. to consider and investigate any complaint made in relation to the registration and declaration of Members' interests or any complaint of a failure to do so;

  4. to consider matters of ethics in relation to the conduct of Members in their capacity as such, and to give advice and issue guidelines on such matters;

  5. to report to the Council and make recommendations, including a recommendation as to a sanction under Rule 84 (Sanctions relating to Interests).

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