For discussion
on 6 February 1998


Subhead 001 Salaries

Members are invited to recommend to Finance Committee the retention of the following supernumerary post in the Architectural Services Department up to 31 March 1999 -

1 Chief Architect
(D1) ($92,650 - $98,300)


There is a need for the Architectural Services Department (Arch SD) to continue to provide a project manager at the Chief Architect (CA) (D1) rank to assist the Governing Council of the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) in overseeing the development of the Institute's campus in Tai Po. The existing supernumerary CA post created for this purpose will lapse on 1 August 1998.


2. The Director of Architectural Services (D Arch S), with the support of the Secretary for Works, proposes to retain the existing supernumerary CA post for eight more months up to 31 March 1999.


3. On 17 February 1995, Finance Committee approved the creation of a supernumerary post of CA in Arch SD up to end July 1998 to facilitate the secondment of an officer as project manager to the Governing Council of the HKIEd to supervise the major project of the HKIEd Campus Development in Tai Po. We originally anticipated that the project would be completed in mid 1997 with the defects liability period expiring in mid 1998. Unfortunately, there have been slippages in the construction works.

4. The HKIEd campus development project consists of four packages which include the main academic and administration buildings, an amenities complex, student hostels and staff quarters and an off-campus sports centre at respective costs of $850 million, $182 million, $669 million and $126 million. While the contractor has handed over the main academic and administration buildings to the HKIEd, there has been a delay in the completion of the amenities complex, which includes a gymnasium, a swimming pool and a canteen, as well as the Director's Lodge. The completion date has been deferred from June 1997 to January 1998, mainly because of the contractor's failure to provide sufficient manpower, particularly in respect of the specialised electrical and mechanical workers, for the construction works. The defects liability period for the main academic and administration buildings will end in November 1998, and that for the amenities complex will now end in January 1999.

5. There has also been a slippage in the construction works for the student hostels and staff quarters. The completion date has been deferred from June 1997 to August 1998. The original contractor failed to provide sufficient workers on site despite repeated warnings by D Arch S. A labour dispute in mid-March 1997 brought work on the site virtually to a halt. In late April 1997, the HKIEd terminated the contract and conducted a re-tendering exercise. The new contract started in August 1997 for completion in August 1998. The defects liability period for this work will end in August 1999.

6. As for the HKIEd Sports Centre at Pak Shek Kok, which is the final phase of the campus development project, there were objections against the construction of an access road to the site. The Director of Territory Development therefore had to postpone site formation works and the construction of the access road leading to the Sports Centre site. The construction of the Sports Centre will start in January 1999 for completion in mid 2000, and the defects liability period will end in mid 2001.

7. Having regard to the size of the project and the above complications, D Arch S considers it essential to continue to provide a dedicated project manager to oversee the remaining major construction works, to monitor the performance of consultants and contractors, to control project costs and to facilitate rectification of all defects immediately after the completion of the facilities. As the defects liability periods for the main part of the campus development, i.e. the academic, administration and amenities facilities which account for more than half of the total project estimates of the four packages, will expire in early 1999, we propose to retain the CA post up to 31 March 1999, so as to resolve all contractual issues related to these facilities and finalise the accounts. Thereafter, we consider that the residual project management duties can be taken up by a seconded officer at the Senior Architect rank.

8. The job description for the CA post is at the Enclosure.


9. The notional annual mid-point salary cost of this proposal is $1,144,200. The full annual average staff cost of the proposal, including salaries and staff on-cost, is $2,162,652. We have included sufficient provision in the 1998-99 draft Estimates to meet the cost of this proposal.


10. The main campus of the HKIEd occupies a 12.5 hectares site in Tai Po Area 34. On completion, the campus will accommodate 5 000 full-time equivalent students. It comprises specialist and serviced mass lecture theatres, laboratories, workshops, libraries, central computer resource facilities, administration accommodation and offices. It also includes staff and student residential accommodation, amenities, recreational facilities and some sports facilities. Other sports facilities will be provided at a separate 4.9 hectares site at Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po Area 39. The Institute had its first intake of students in November 1997.

11. The Finance Committee approved a project estimate of $2,094 million for the development of the HKIEd's campus in Tai Po in December 1994. The Finance Committee approved an increase in the project estimate by $218 million to $2,312 million in December 1995, and a further increase in the project estimate by $240 million to $2,552 million in July 1997 to complete the remaining works.


12. Civil Service Bureau recognises the need to retain the proposed post to help ensure the smooth commissioning of the various facilities of the HKIEd unified campus. It considers the ranking, grading and duration of the proposed post to be appropriate, having regard to the scope and level of responsibilities and professional input required.


13. As the post is proposed on a supernumerary basis, its retention, if approved, will be reported to the Standing Committee on Directorate Salaries and Conditions of Service in accordance with the agreed procedure.

Works Bureau
January 1998

Enclosure to EC(97-98)61

Job Description for Project Manager of the
Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd)

Rank : Chief Architect (D1)

Major duties and responsibilities

To act as the Project Manager for the HKIEd campus development and be responsible to the Governing Council of the HKIEd and its relevant committees for -

  1. monitoring progress of consultants' design and co-ordination functions, and the information flow between consultants, contractors and the HKIEd to ensure smooth progress of work;

  2. monitoring progress on site and the quality control process, and ensuring action is taken to resolve any problems affecting progress of works throughout the construction period;

  3. identifying and anticipating problems in cost over-runs/claims and taking steps to resolve them; and checking and recommending appropriate actions by the Institute on all accounts submitted for payments by consultants and contractors;

  4. arranging with government departments for the allocation, site formation and programmed availability of the off-campus sports centre site at Pak Shek Kok;

  5. ensuring that alteration works requested by the HKIEd during defects liability periods are within the approved project scope and budget; and

  6. ensuring that the duties of consultants and contractors are completed satisfactorily during defects liability periods, and issuing maintenance certificates and releasing retention money to contractors after defects liability periods.