Provisional Legislative Council

PLC Paper No. 139/96-97 (01)

Ref : PLC/FC/4

Finance Committee of the Provisional Legislative Council
Minutes of the meeting
held at the Main Hall, Huaxia Art Centre, Shenzhen
on Saturday, 12 April 1997 at 2:15 p.m.

Members present:

The Honourable ARCULLI, Ronald (Chairman)
The Honourable WU, Henry (Deputy Chairman)
The Honourable WONG Siu-yee
The Honourable TIEN Pei-chun, James
The Honourable HO Sai-chu
The Honourable HO Sing-tin, Edward
Dr the Honourable HO Chung-tai
The Honourable NG Leung-sing
Prof the Honourable NG Ching-fai
The Honourable LI Ka-cheung, Eric
The Honourable LEE Kai-ming
The Honourable LEE Peng-fei, Allen
The Honourable Mrs TU, Elsie
The Honourable Mrs CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, Selina
The Honourable Mrs LAM, Peggy
The Honourable NGAI Shiu-kit
The Honourable TANG Ying-yen, Henry
The Honourable YUEN Mo
The Honourable MA Fung-kwok
The Honourable CHEUNG Hon-chung
The Honourable Mrs TSO WONG Man-yin
The Honourable LEUNG Chun-ying
Dr the Honourable LEONG Che-hung
The Honourable Mrs LEUNG LAU Yau-fan, Sophie
The Honourable MOK Ying-fan
The Honourable HUI Yin-fat
The Honourable CHAN Choi-hi
The Honourable CHAN Yuen-han
The Honourable CHAN Wing-chan
The Honourable CHAN Kam-lam
The Honourable TSANG Yok-sing
The Honourable CHENG Kai-nam
The Honourable FUNG Kin-kee, Frederick
The Honourable WONG Wang-fat, Andrew
Dr the Honourable WONG Yu-hong, Philip
The Honourable WONG Ying-ho, Kennedy
The Honourable YOUNG, Howard
The Honourable YEUNG Chun-kam
The Honourable YEUNG Yiu-chung
The Honourable IP Kwok-him
The Honourable CHIM Pui-chung
The Honourable LIU Sing-lee, Bruce
The Honourable LAU Kong-wah
The Honourable LAU Wong-fat
The Honourable Mrs LAU Kin-yee, Miriam
The Honourable LAU Hon-chuen, Ambrose
The Honourable CHOY Kan-pui
The Honourable CHENG Ming-fun, Paul
The Honourable CHENG Yiu-tong
Dr the Honourable TANG Siu-tong
The Honourable FOK, Timothy
The Honourable KAN Fook-yee
The Honourable NGAN Kam-chuen
The Honourable LO Suk-ching
Dr the Honourable LAW Cheung-kwok
The Honourable TAM Wai-chu, Maria
The Honourable TAM Yiu-chung

Members absent:

The Honourable     CHU Yu-lin, David
The Honourable     LI Kwok-po, David

Clerk in attendance:

Ms Pauline NG     Clerk to the Provisional Legislative Council

Staff in attendance:

Mr Arthur CHEUNG     Legal Adviser
Mr Andy LAU     Assistant Committee Clerk 1

I.Election of Chairman
1. The Clerk invited members to nominate a member to preside the election of the chairman. Mrs Selina CHOW was elected and she took the chair.
2. Mrs CHOW invited members to refer to the procedure for the election of the chairman and deputy chairman of the Finance Committee already circulated to Members and also tabled at the meeting. The procedure was adopted.
3. Mrs CHOW called for nominations for the chairmanship. Mr Ronald ARCULLI was nominated by Mr Paul CHENG and seconded by Mr Philip WONG . Mr ARCULLI accepted the nomination. There being no other nomination, Mrs CHOW declared Mr ARCULLI elected Chairman of the Finance Committee.

II.Election of the Deputy Chairman
4. Mr ARCULLI took the chair and called for nominations for deputy chairmanship of the Finance Committee. Mr Henry WU was nominated by Mr CHAN Wing-chan and seconded by Mr LEE Kai-ming. Mr WU accepted the nomination. There being no other nomination, the Chairman declared Mr WU elected Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee.

III.Any other business
5. Regarding the examination of the Draft Estimates of Expenditure 1997-1998 by the Provisional Legislative Council, the Chairman advised that this would be a matter for further deliberation with the Chief Executive's Office. In the meantime, arrangement would be made to obtain the draft hansard of the Legislative Council meetings at which Members spoke on the budget for 1997-98, and the written questions and answers on the Draft Estimates considered at LegCo's special Finance Committee meetings. The Secretariat would issue circular to Members to find out who would be interested in having a copy of the information.
6. There being no other business, the meeting ended at 2:25 p.m..

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
14 April 1997

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