Written Questions on the Estimates of Expenditure

This circular outlines the arrangement for members to put forward their written questions on the Estimates of Expenditure.

Format and Deadline

2. Members should submit their written questions in either English or Chinese using the standard form at Enclosure 1 to the Clerk to the Finance Committee (Clerk) not later than 5.00 p.m. on 13 May 1997.

3. Questions under the same Head of Expenditure (Head) can be put on the same form. If a member has questions for more than one Head, he should use a separate form for each Head. To facilitate processing, members are requested to quote the correct Head on the question forms. A full list of the Heads was appended to the Draft Estimates circulated to members on 1 May 1997. Members should sign their question forms personally; but if this is not possible, the Clerk may sign on their behalf.

4. Members are advised that questions should be confined to the Estimates of Expenditure and should be short, concise and single-barrelled. For questions which are not directly related to the Estimates, the Chairman may rule the questions out of order but the Clerk may, with the consent of the members concerned, refer the questions to the Chief Executive (CE)'s Office for a reply outside the context of the special meetings. Samples of questions which may be ruled out of order by the Chairman are given in Enclosure 2.

Late Questions

5. All questions received before the deadline will be forwarded to the CE's Office immediately upon receipt. Late questions will be returned to members. However, members may ask the late questions orally during the special Finance Committee meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday, 26 May 1997 as agreed at the House Committee meeting on 3 May 1997 or advise the Clerk to forward the questions as supplementary questions for a reply to be made after the special meeting. In this regard, would members please block off your diary accordingly.

Written Replies from the CE's Office

6. The written replies will be provided to members on or before Wednesday, 21 May 1997.


7. Any enquiries on this circular can be directed to the following officers:

Mr Andy LAU Tel: (86-755) 690 4949

Last Updated on 23 October 1997