Annex B


(I)Inland Revenue Ordinance
Where any tax is in default, Commissioner of Inland Revenue (CIR) may at his discretion impose a fine. A sum or sums not exceeding 5% in all of the amount in default to be added to the tax.
Where on the expiry of a period of 6 months from the date when any tax is deemed to be in default, CIR may impose a fine.

A sum or sums not exceeding 10% in all of the unpaid amount to be added to the unpaid amount.

(II)Travel Agent Ordinance
Travel Industry Compensation Fund
(Amount of Ex Gratia Payments and Financial Penalty) Rules
Travel Industry Compensation Fund Management Board may impose on the travel agent concerned a financial penalty.
  1. $10,000 as regards a failure to pay levy.

  2. $50,000 as regards a second failure within the period of 2 years beginning on the date of a previous failure.

  3. $100,000 as regards a third or any subsequent such failure with the period of 2 years referred to in (b).

(III)Pneumoconiosis (Compensation) Ordinance
If levy or surcharge is not paid to the Pneumoconiosis Compensation Fund Board within the prescribed time, the Board may impose a fine. 5% of the amount unpaid.
If levy or surcharge including penalty above is not paid within 3 months after the expiry of the prescribed period, another fine may be imposed. $1,000 or 5% of the amount unpaid, whichever is greater.