PLC Paper No.AS17/97-98

Paper for the House Committee meeting
on 18 August 1997

Fun Day 1997


To seek Members�advice on whether a Fun Day for Members and Provisional Legislative Council Beat reporters should be held on Saturday, 20 December 1997.


2. The Fun Day will provide an occasion for Members and reporters to get together with their families and enjoy a day of fun and games. There will be sports and recreational activities in the afternoon between Members�teams and reporters�teams, ending with karaoke and dinner.


3. It is proposed that a Fun Day be held on 20 December, 1997. An initial booking has been made with the Hong Kong Sports Institute.

4. It is also proposed that an Organizing Committee comprising Members, reporters�representatives and Secretariat staff be formed to decide on the details of the Fun Day.

Advice Sought

5. Members are invited to advise:

  1. whether a Fun Day should be held on 20 December 1997; and if so,
  2. whether an Organizing Committee as referred to in paragraph 4 should be formed and which Members would join the Committee.

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
11 July 1997

Last Updated on 23 October 1997