PLC Paper No. LS 17

Paper for the House Committee Meeting
of Provisional Legislative Council
on 22 August 1997

Legal Service Division Report on
Subsidiary Legislation Gazetted on 15 August 1997

Date of Tabling in Provisional LegCo : 20 August 1997

Amendment to be made by : 10 September 1997 (or 24 September 1997 if extended by resolution)

Official Languages Ordinance (Cap. 5) Official Languages (Alteration of Text Under Section 4D) (No. 22) Order 1997 (L.N. 414)

This Order makes a formal alteration to the Chinese text of section 31C(2) and (3) of the Employment Ordinance (Cap. 57). The effect is that the Chinese expressions for 忛ot less than 7 days before the relevant date�as used in different provisions of the Ordinance would become consistent.

Merchant Shipping (Safety) (GMDSS Radio Installations) Regulation (Cap. 369 sub. leg.)) Merchant Shipping (Safety) (GMDSS Radio Installations) Regulation (Amendment of Schedule) Notice 1997 (L.N. 415)

This Notice amends Schedule 2 to the Merchant Shipping (Safety)(GMDSS Radio Installations) Regulation (Cap. 369 sub. leg.) to incorporate new or revised performance standards or specifications recognized by the International Maritime Organization and the Telecommunications Authority of Hong Kong. Under the Regulation, equipment required to be provided to a ship, such as radio equipment, has to conform to the performance standards or specifications set out in Schedule 2.

Prepared by

Fung Sau-kuen, Connie
Assistant Legal Adviser
Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
15 August 1997

Last Updated on 24 October 1997