PLC Paper No. CB(2)537(01)

Provisional Legislative Council

Panel on Constitutional Affairs Meeting
on 7 November 1997

Voter Registration Drive for the 1998
Legislative Council Election


This paper informs Members of the arrangements for the voter registration (VR) drive in 1997/98.

Voter Registration Period

2.The Electoral Affairs Commission (Registration of Electors) (Geographical Constituencies) (Legislative Council) Regulation (the Regulation) was gazetted on 31 October and came into effect on 5 November 1997. Voter registration for Geographical Constituencies (GC) commenced on the same date. The registration of Functional Constituencies (FC) electors and voters for Election Committee (EC) Subsectors will commence around mid November when the relevant subsidiary legislation takes effect.

3.GC electors for the 1998 Legislative Council election must get themselves registered before 16 January 1998 for inclusion in the electoral roll for that election.

Voter Registration for Geographical Constituencies

4.The highlight of our publicity activities is the VR Week from 6 to 12 December 1997. The event will begin with a kick-off ceremony to be held in the morning of 6 December at Hong Kong Park. After the ceremony, door-to-door household visits will be conducted. The Home Affairs Department (HAD) will mobolize about 30,000 persons (including teachers, students of secondary five and above, Temporary Community Organisers and HAD staff) to visit about two million households in Hong Kong. During the visits, they will encourage eligible persons to register as electors and take the opportunity to update the existing electoral roll.

5.Besides publicising the VR Week, other publicity programmes will be organised at both the central and district level throughout the VR period. We would disseminate the message that the VR period has started and all eligible persons should get registered. In addition, we would also remind those persons who wish to be an elector but has not obtained a permanent identity card to make an early application to the Immigration Department.

Voter Registration for Functional Constituencies and Election Committee Subsectors

6.As regards the registration of FC electors and voters for EC subsectors, we adopt a targetted approach. The Registration and Electoral Office (REO) will soon approach various representative organisations, government departments and professional groups to obtain information of the name and address of the eligible electors. Appeal letters and application forms are being prepared and will be sent to these eligible electors in the near future. Besides, advertisements will be placed on appropriate trade publications, magazines and newspapers. Guidance notes and application forms will be distributed through District Offices, and a hotline service will be provided by REO to answer public enquiries.

Constitutional Affairs Bureau
3 November 1997