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Provisional Legislative Council
Panels on Environmental Affairs and Transport

Overseas Researches:Performance of LPG Vehicles under Different Climatic Conditions


At the joint meeting of the Provisional Legislative Council Panel on Environmental Affairs and Panel on Transport on 26 March 1998, Members requested the Administration to provide information on overseas researches of the performance of LPG vehicles under different climatic conditions.

Technical reference of LPG vehicles

2. A comprehensive technical reference on LPG vehicles published by the World LPG Association has examined the emissions of LPG petrol and diesel vehicles at low ambient temperatures. On pages 60 and 61 of the technical reference (extracted at Annex), the emissions of LPG, petrol and diesel vehicles at low ambient temperatures were examined. It was found that, as compared with other vehicles, an LPG vehicle can maintain good emission performance at cold temperatures.

3. Separately, a Japanese vehicle manufacturer has reported to us that in Japan, their LPG taxis use 6% more fuel in summer than in winter. By way of comparison, operational data obtained from the trial of LPG taxis in Hong Kong thus far indicate that on the average LPG taxis uses about 3% more fuel in the hotter months.

Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
June 1998