Provisional Legislative Council
Panel on Education

Meeting on Friday, 19 December 1997, at 10:45 am in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Confirmation of minutes of meeting and matters arising

  2. (10:45 am - 10:50 am)

    PLC Paper No. CB(1) 650

  3. Date and items for discussion for next meeting

  4. (10:50 am - 10:55 am)

  5. Information papers issued since last meeting
  6. --PLC Paper No. CB(1)530 dated 22 November 1997 - extract from the minutes of the PLC Members' meeting with Kowloon City Provisional District Board members on 9 October 1997 regarding whole-day primary schooling and special education

    --PLC Paper No. CB(1)572 dated 28 November 1997 - extract from the minutes of the Public Works Subcommittee meeting on 4 November 1997 regarding information technology

    --PLC Paper No. CB(1)644 dated 11 December 1997 - letter from the Hong Kong Joint Secretariat for Colloquium of Religious Leaders expressing support for declaring 28 September, the Birthday of Confucius, as " Teachers' Day "

    --PLC Paper No. CB(1)673 dated 17 December 1997 - letter from the parents of some students of Salesian Secondary School lodging an appeal against Education Department's decision to deny their children's school the permission to retain English as its medium of instruction

  7. Mother-tongue teaching

  8. (10:55 am - 11:25 am)

    Paper to follow

  9. Allocation of school places

  10. (11:25 am - 12:00 noon)

    PLC Paper No. CB(1)651(01) - information paper from the Administration

*VITextbooks and stationery grants
(12:00 noon - 12:30 pm)

PLC Paper No. CB(1)669(01) - information paper from the Administration

  1. Any other business

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
17 December 1997

* All other Hon PLC Members are invited to join the discussion of this item.

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