Financial Affairs



2 March 1998
* 12 February 1998
12 February 1998
13 January 1998
27 January 1998
5 January 1998
1 December 1997
17 November 1997
31 October 1997
11 October 1997
6 October 1997
11 September 1997
22 July 1997


Review of the Constituent Stocks of the Hang Seng Index
Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited Migration of Trading of Hang Seng Index Futures and Options Contracts to the Automated Trading System
Developments in the financial markets in Asia
Equity Injection for Implementation of West Rail Phase I Project
Financial positions and future monitoring of banks in Hong Kong after the recent currency crisis in Asia
Information paper on Agenda V: Shortage of Coins for Provisional Legislative Council Panel on Financial Affairs Meeting to be held on 1 December 1997
Market Situation 22 -29 October 1997
Minutes of the Special Briefing by the Financial Secretary held at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, 12 August 1997 in the Legislative Council Chamber
Prosecution of directors for failing to file annual returns
Monitoring of the Loco London Gold Market
Red Chip Index Futures Trading Prospects and Safeguards for Investors
Resolution to amend the resolution of the Capital Works Reserve Fund under section 29(1) of the Public Finance Ordinance
Selection Criteria
Item V - Current status of the " Life Boat Loan" set up after the 1987 stock market crash
Item V - Suspension of Stock Trading and its Consequences
Paper for the PLC Panel on Financial Affairs
Policy Responsibility of Financial Services Bureau
Tax Reserve Certificates

*..Joint meeting with Panel on Transport

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