Provisional Legislative Council
Panel on Housing

Meeting on Tuesday, 10 February 1998, at 2:30 pm in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Confirmation of minutes of previous meetings

  2. (2:30 pm - 2:35 pm)

    PLC Paper Nos. CB(1) 881 and 886 (issued)

  3. Date of next meeting and items for discussion

  4. (2:35 pm - 2:40 pm)

    List of outstanding items

  5. Information paper issued since last meeting
  6. Nil

  7. Rent policy and redevelopment assistance for tenants of factory estates built by the former Resettlement Department

  8. (2:40 pm - 3:00 pm)

    PLC Paper No. CB(1) 281(02)--Information note on "Assistance for Tenants of Housing Authority factory buildings displaced through redevelopment"(issued on 29.9.97)

    PLC Paper No. CB(1) 656--Referral from Duty Roster Members regarding rent policy for flatted factories (issued on 12.12.97)

    PLC Paper No. CB(1) 887(01)--Information paper provided by the Administration

  9. Problems arising from the introduction of the Tenants Purchase Scheme

  10. (3:00 pm - 4:25 pm)

    PLC Paper No. CB(1) 887(02)--Concerns raised by members

    PLC Paper No. CB(1) 887(03)--Part of the Administration's response to CB(1) 887(02) (Chinese to follow)

  11. Any other business

  12. (4:25 pm onwards)

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
6 February 1998

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