Information Note for
Provisional Legislative Council
Panel on Housing

Interim housing


This paper informs Members of the current position on the development of interim housing.


2.There is a continuing and long-term need for interim housing to accommodate clearees and others who have no alternative accommodation but who do not qualify as yet for public rental housing.

Supply of interim housing

3.The current and programmed supply of interim housing takes the following forms-

  1. Temporary Housing Areas;
  2. refurbished older public rental blocks;
  3. prefabricated interim housing; and
  4. vertical interim housing.
Temporary Housing Areas

4.There are 18 Temporary Housing Areas (THAs) in Hong Kong with a total population of about 21,000. A list of these THAs is at Annex A. Of these 18 THAs, six will be cleared by the end of 1997. We proposed in the Long Term Housing Strategy Review Consultative Document to phase out the remaining THAs as soon as possible. The Housing Authority (HA) is drawing up a clearance programme and identifying rehousing resources with a view to clearing these THAs by March 2000. Meanwhile, steps have been taken to improve the hygiene, security, maintenance and management of remaining THAs.

Refurbished older public rental blocks

5.Three refurbished older public rental blocks have been designated for interim housing. 824 units in Kwai Shing (East) Block 12 and 853 units in Shek Lei Block 11 are already occupied. Another 1,093 units in Shek Lei Block 10 will be available in March 1998. Because of the relatively short lead time required for refurbishing old rental blocks for use as interim housing, this is an effective means to meet short term demand. However, some difficulties have been encountered in identifying suitable blocks for refurbishment.

Prefabricated interim housing

6.The first prefabricated interim housing (PIH) project at Sha Kok Mei will provide 144 units by November 1997. Another 840 units at Long Bin will be provided by April 1998. Although these units can be installed within a relatively short time, temporary land for interim housing is difficult to obtain and high development costs may be incurred for this type of interim housing.

Vertical interim housing

7.The HA intends to construct two new high-rise Vertical Interim Housing (VIH) projects in Tuen Mun Area 29 and Tin Shui Wai Area 101, providing twelve 29-storey blocks with 11,816 self-contained units between 2000 and 2003. The HA considers VIH to be the most effective means to address the demand for interim housing in the long term, in view of the high density of development, the long life span of VIH blocks, and the cost-effectiveness of this type of interim housing.

8.The development plan for refurbished old rental blocks, PIH and VIH is at Annex B.

Licence fees for interim housing

9.In determining the licence fees for interim housing, factors including the affordability of prospective licensees, age of structures/buildings, standards of accommodation and locality are taken into account.

10.The current licence fee levels for interim housing are as follows -

Type Monthly licence fee (per m2)
Temporary Housing Areas (urban) $13.2 - $23.1
Temporary Housing Areas (NT) $10.6 - $18.5
Refurbished older public rental blocks $32.6 - $38.5
Prefabricated interim housing $49.9

11.Licence fees for interim housing are normally fixed about six months before the relevant completion date. As the first VIH blocks in Tuen Mun are expected to be completed in January 2000, the licence fees for these blocks will be determined by the Housing Authority in mid-1999.

Housing Bureau
September 1997

Annex A

Temporary Housing Areas in Hong Kong
(as at 30 August 1997)

Housing Area
in units
Fat Tseung Street 978 1,505
Hing Shing 623 741
Kai Lok 1,237 2,349
Kai Wo 238 429
Kai Yiu 214 472
Kwai Lok 238 384
Kwai Shun 160 349
Long Bin 538 836
Lung Ping Road 572 692
Sha Kok Mei 1,159 2,040
Tseung Kwan O 713 1,019
Tsing On 161 339
Tsing Kin* 400 739
Hing On* 830 1,928
Hing Tin* 1,644 1,576
Shing On* 812 1,720
Tsing Yan* 1,414 3,457
Yen Chow Street* 278 394

* THAs to be cleared by the end of 1997

Annex B

Development plan of vertical interim housing

Location No. of Units Completion date
Kwai Shing East Estate Block 12 824 Sept. 95
Shek Lei Estate Block 11 853 Mar. 97
Shek Lei Estate Block 10 1,093 Mar. 98
Sha Kok Mei at Sai Kung 144 Nov. 97
Long Bin at Yuen Long 840 Apr. 98
Tuen Mun Area 29 (Phase I) 2,016
Jan 2000*
Mar 2000*
Jun. 2000*
Tuen Mun Area 29 (Phase II) 2,744 Apr. 2001*
Tin Shui Wai Area 101 3,024 Apr. 2003*
Total : 15,570

* Expected completion dates