Provisional Legislative Council
Panel on Housing
follow-up to the meeting held on 28 October 1997

Enforcement action against unauthorised installation of air conditioners in public rental housing estates

At the Provisional Legislative Council Panel on Housing Meeting held on 28 October 1997, Members requested for additional follow-up information on the enforcement action taken by the Housing Department (HD) against unauthorised installation of air-conditioners (ACs) in public rental housing estates. The requests and the response are as follows:-

Request 1:

To provide information on the exact locations where the installation method approved by the Works Bureau, regarding adding lateral ventilation hoods to air-conditioners was used.


The air-conditioners at the ground floor offices of the Welfare Block in Wong Chuk Hang Estate were installed with additional lateral ventilation ducts. This method of installation was approved by the Works Bureau.

Request 2:

To provide a set of additional installation drawings approved by the Housing Department after taking into consideration tenants’ counter proposals.


Having taken tenants’ concern into consideration, HD has since allowed more positions for AC installation subject to satisfying the following basic safety rules-

· Except for window type ACs installed at windows and AC hoods provided by HD, all ACs should not protrude outside the flat. For flats with balconies enclosed by windows, a lateral vent duct device may be installed to enhance the ventilation. The drawing showing this type of installation is attached at Annex A;

· Window type ACs can be installed at any position of the windows provided that the window frame is provided by HD.
Additional installation drawings are not necessary; and

· In the case of split type ACs, the compressor units are allowed to be placed outside the flats on the existing flower beds and external ledges with width not less than 400mm. Illustrative drawings are attached at Annex B;

Request 3:

To consider the feasibility of the proposal, made by Hon FUNG Kin-kee, to put air-conditioners on shelves fastened to the ceiling of the balconies with part of the air-conditioners protruding outside the balconies.


The proposal made by the Hon FUNG Kin-kee involves ACs protruding outside the flat. To ensure long term safety, this method of installation will require certification and regular inspections by qualified professionals. Not only will this incur heavy financial commitment to the tenants, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible for the management to check the safety of the installations regularly. Having given due consideration, HD cannot accept this proposal.

Housing Department
December 1997