Provisional Legislative Council

Panel on Health Services
Meeting on 17 November 1997

Progress on the Comprehensive Review
on Clinical Audit, Risk Management, Clinical Supervision,
Staff Workload and Professional Accountability
conducted by the Hospital Authority


At the meeting of the PLC Panel on Health Services held on 8 September 1997, the Hospital Authority (HA) reported that a comprehensive review on clinical audit, risk management, clinical supervision, staff workload and professional accountability within the public hospital system would be conducted with a view to ensuring quality of patient care and enhancing professional accountability. A Special Committee of the Hospital Authority (HA) comprising HA members has been set up to oversee the review and implementation of recommendations. The following outlines the progress of the review to date.

Review on clinical supervision and workload

2.HA Head Office has held a series of discussion and consultation sessions/forums with all Hospital Chief Executives, Chiefs of Service, Department Operations Managers and front-line clinical staff. The following are some of the initiatives for ensuring quality of care -

  1. Enhancing clinical supervision and monitoring

    All hospitals have reviewed their system of clinical supervision to identify ways to enhance clinical supervision over trainees and less experienced staff.

  2. Alleviating staff workload

    1. Time off will be flexibly considered and granted to staff after long and continuous hours of work.

    2. The administrative workload of clinical staff will be re-prioritized or re-engineered.

  3. Supporting clinical departments

    1. Business support to departments and wards will be reviewed and strengthened.

    2. Clinical managers will be provided with support and assistance on financial and resource management matters.

Review on clinical audit and professional accountability

3.Clinical audit is a systematic and critical analysis of the quality of medical care, covering the procedures used for diagnosis and treatment, the use of resources, clinical outcome and quality of life for the patient. Clinical audit has been well recognised to be an important professional accountability mechanism to ensure professional performance and standard in the health care setting.

4.Following a review of current clinical audit activities in HA hospitals, HA has run workshops to enhance the effectiveness of clinical audits in ensuring and improving professional standards. HA is also seeking the expert advice of an advisor to the Special Committee on the review findings and recommendations for enhancing clinical audit within HA.

Review on complaints/incidents management

5.An efficient and effective system to handle public complaints is a fundamental ingredient towards achieving good client service. A review on complaint management has been completed and will be considered by the HA.

Future Reports

6.The Review is still continuing. We shall make further reports to the PLC Panel on Health Services as to the review progresses.

Hospital Authority
November 1997