Provisional Legislative Council
Panel on Public Service

Employment of Temporary Staff in the Civil Service


This paper updates Members on the policy and current situation on the employment of temporary staff in the Civil Service.


2.Members of the LegCo Panel on Public Service were briefed on the arrangements for employment of temporary staff at the meeting on 27.1.97. At Members' request, the numbers of temporary staff employed by Urban Services Department (USD), Regional Services Department (RSD) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) as at 1 February 1997 were subsequently passed to the Panel for information on 21 February 1997. Members have asked to be updated on the current situation regarding the employment of temporary staff in the civil service as well as the number of temporary staff who have been employed by the above three departments for more than one year.

Policy Governing Employment of Temporary Staff

3.There has not been any change to the policy on the employment of temporary staff since we last briefed the LegCo Panel on Public Service on 27.1.97. In the last paper, we informed Members that we had reviewed the relevant circular. The revised circular has now been issued. The Circular reiterates the Government policy that the conditions of service for the employment of temporary staff should be in line with those in the Employment Ordinance and Employees' Compensation Ordinance. It also:-

  1. specifies clearly the circumstances under which temporary staff may be employed;

  2. reminds departments to review the need for temporary staff to see if they are still required or if other means of appointment of a more permanent nature such as creation of posts could be considered;

  3. specifies payment of wages to temporary staff within 7 days of the last day of the wage period or the day of completion or termination of their employment contracts in accordance with Employment Ordinance;

  4. reminds departments of the need to pay long service payments, severance payments and other related benefits to temporary staff unavoidably employed for a prolonged period;

  5. reminds departments that those persons who are legally permitted to work in Hong Kong (including non permanent residents) may be employed as temporary staff; and

  6. updates the Handbook for Temporary Staff in line with the provisions of the Employment Ordinance.

4.We believe that the revised circular contains clear guidelines and procedures for departments to follow in the employment of temporary staff. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide advice to departments as necessary.

Number of Temporary Staff in USD, RSD and RTHK

5.The latest statistics showing the number of temporary staff working in the municipal services departments and RTHK are at the Appendix.


6.Mrs Philomena Leung, Principal Assistant Secretary (Civil Service)3 is responsible for the subject matter. She may be reached at telephone number 2810 3100.

Civil Service Bureau
17 October 1997


Statistics showing the number of temporary staff working in USD, RSD and RTHK

(a)Total no. of temporary staff employed

1,3271,585253434 486474
(b) No. of temporary staff employed for more than one year

696855125169 100131
(c) No. of temporary staff in (b) working on a part time basis

46963081106 not available35