Provisional Legislative Council

Panel On Transport

Proposals to improve Directional Signs on Expressways and Road Markings for Restricted Zone


In January 1997, when the Public Works Subcommittee considered a proposed project to improve directional signs on expressways to guide motorists to the new airport and to make certain expressway signs more visible, the Subcommittee expressed concern about the inadequacy and poor visibility of directional signs and overhead sign gantries on expressways, and asked that the matter referred to the Panel on Transport for further discussion. At a meeting of the Panel Meeting held on 12 September 1997, Members suggested that the paper should be expanded to include improvement proposal for road markings for restricted zones.

2.This paper -

  1. outlines the approach taken by the Administration in the design and provision of directional signs on expressways and set out proposed improvements being planned/implemented (details at Annex A); and

  2. reports on progress of the trials being conducted to improve the road markings and signage arrangements to help motorists recognize the different restriction periods on different roads (details at Annex B).

Transport Bureau
March 1998