PLC Paper No. CB(1)322

Provisional Legislative Council Panel on Transport

List of outstanding items for discussion
Position as at 7 October 1997

For discussion on 22 October 1997

(1) Operation of the Octopus ticketing system

(2) Franchise of ferry services

(3) Compatibility of the existing autotoll systems

For discussion in future meetings

(4) Electronic road pricing scheme

Raised by members at the meeting on 12 September 1997. The Administration has commissioned a feasibility study on electronic road pricing. The Panel would like to be briefed on the latest findings of the study.

(5) Bus fire accidents

Raised by members at the meeting on 12 September 1997.

(6) Safety measures for pedestrians

Raised by members at the meeting on 12 September 1997. The Panel would like to review the various measures to enhance pedestrian safety including segregation of pedestrians and vehicular traffic on main roads; co-ordination amongst various departments in providing pedestrian access; and investigations at traffic accident black spots and follow-up remedial actions.

(7) Ma On Shan rail

Raised by members at the meeting on 12 September 1997. The Ma On Shan to Tai Wai rail link (MOS rail) together with the extension of the Kowloon-Canton Railway from Hung Hom to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST Extension) is among the high priority projects recommended under the 1994 Railway Development Strategy. The engineering feasibility study on the MOS rail and the TST Extension has been completed. According to the Administration, they are considering the recommendations of the engineering consultants and examining the relevant financial and institutional arrangements for implementing the projects.

(8) Review of the Transport Advisory Committee

Raised by members at the meeting on 22 July 1997. The Administration undertook at the meeting of the Subcommittee on Resolution under section 5(3)(b) of the Public Services Ordinance (Cap. 230) on 15 August 1997 to report on the progress of reform of the Transport Advisory Committee in three months?time.

(9) Improvement to directional signs on expressways and road markings for restricted zones

Members of the Public Works Subcommittee expressed concern at the meeting on 22 January 1997 on the inadequacy and poor visibility of directional signs and overhead sign gantries on expressways. The Administration advised that this was a complex subject which involved research on both policy and operational issues and on overseas practices, and had undertaken to submit a paper on the subject to the Panel in due course.

At the meeting on 12 September 1997, members suggested that improvement to road markings for restricted zones should also be examined.

(10) Tate's Cairn Tunnel Co. Ltd.'s financial re-structuring and air quality improvement plan

The Tate's Cairn Tunnel Co. Ltd. (TCTCL) has appointed financial consultants to examine the financial position of the Company with a view to making recommendations on future financial arrangements. A report is expected by the end of 1997. TCTCL has also appointed consultants in May 1997 to implement the improvement plan for tunnel air quality and it will take about 16 months to complete the necessary works. Members agreed to follow up the progress accordingly.

(11) Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) as a fuel for vehicles

The Administration has set up an inter-departmental working group to examine the feasibility of introducing gas vehicles on a large scale in Hong Kong. A trial scheme of LPG taxi is expected to be launched at the end of 1997. The PLC Secretariat has also prepared a research report on LPG as a fuel for vehicles.

(Note: The Environmental Panel discussed the pilot scheme for LPG taxis on 19 September 1997 and members of the Transport Panel were invited to attend.)

(12) Contingency arrangements for Airport Railway and Lantau Link

This subject was proposed by the Administration at the meeting on 11 April 1997 when contingency strategies for the closure of land link to North Lantau and the new airport before the airport opening was discussed.

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
7 October 1997

Last Updated on 24 October 1997