Provisional Legislative Council

PLC Paper No. CB(2)107

Ref : CB2/PL/WS

Panel on Welfare Services

Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday, 22 July 1997 at 12:30 pm in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building

Members present :

Hon WONG Siu-yee (Chairman)
Hon CHAN Choi-hi (Deputy Chairman)
Hon David CHU Yu-lin
Hon Eric LI Ka-cheung, JP
Hon LEE Kai-ming
Hon Allen LEE, JP
Hon Mrs Elsie TU, GBM
Hon Mrs Peggy LAM, JP
Dr Hon LEONG Che-hung, JP
Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, JP
Hon MOK Ying-fan
Hon HUI Yin-fat, JP
Hon CHAN Yuen-han
Hon Frederick FUNG Kin-kee
Hon Howard YOUNG, JP
Hon YEUNG Yiu-chung
Hon LAU Kong-wah
Hon CHOY Kan-pui, JP
Dr Hon TANG Siu-tong, JP
Hon LO Suk-ching
Hon CHOY So-yuk

Member Absent :

Hon TAM Yiu-chung, JP

Clerk in Attendance :

Ms Doris CHAN
Chief Assistant Secretary (2) 4

Staff in Attendance :

Ms Joanne MAK
Senior Assistant Secretary (2) 4

Mr Stanley MA
Senior Assistant Secretary (2) 7

I.Election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman
(Appendix IV to PLC Paper No. CB(2)51)
Dr LEONG Che-hung was elected as presiding member for the election meeting.

2.Dr LEONG reminded the meeting that members who were chairman/deputy chairman of the government advisory body relevant to the Welfare Panel, as given in Appendix I of PLC Paper No. CB(2)51, would not be eligible to stand for election.

3.Dr TANG Siu-tong nominated Mr WONG Siu-yee as Chairman of the Panel. Mr David CHU Yu-lin seconded the nomination. There being no other nominations, Dr LEONG declared Mr WONG Siu-yee Chairman of the Panel. Mr WONG Siu-yee then took over chairmanship of the meeting.

4.Mr Eric LI Ka-cheung nominated Mr CHAN Choi-hi as Deputy Chairman of the Panel. Dr TANG Siu-tong seconded the nomination. There being no other nominations, the Chairman declared Mr CHAN Choi-hi Deputy Chairman of the Panel.

II.Terms of reference
(PLC Paper No. CB(2) 51)

5.Members noted the terms of reference for this Panel as set out in Appendix II of PLC Paper No. CB(2) 51.

III.Schedule of meetings for the session

6.Members agreed to hold regular meetings at 10:45 am on the second Friday of each month. The next two meetings would be held on 12 September 1997 and 3 October 1997 as the second Friday in October would be a public holiday.

IV.Items for discussion at the next meeting

7.Members agreed to discuss the following two topics at the next meeting -

  1. Report of the Working Group on Care for the Elderly; and

  2. The Administration ' s deliberations on Members ' request, which was passed at the motion debate on 9 July 1997, for an increase of not less than $300 for the standard rate of payment under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme (CSSA). The Administration would also be requested to report its other reviews conducted on CSSA such as an allowance for recreational expenses of the elderly.

In the meantime, the Clerk would obtain relevant information papers from the Administration for members ' reference. Subject to the scope of the report mentioned in item (a) above, the Chairman would further consider whether item (b) could be combined with (a) and whether there were additional items for discussion at the next meeting. Clerk


8.Members agreed that there were no urgent matters warranting a special meeting before the next regular meeting.

9.The meeting ended at 12:50 pm.

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
15 August 1997