Paper for the Provisional Legislative Council
Panel on Welfare Services

Review of Community Hall Sites


Members considered an information paper on the "review of community centres and sites for development of community centre facilities to make available premises and land for welfare services" at the meeting on 14 January 1998 and requested additional information, including a list of the reserved sites under review. The list of 67 sites is at the Annex.

Current position

2. Home Affairs Department has completed a review of the 67 sites. They fall into the following five categories.

    (i) Joint developments (identification of joint users underway) (18 sites)

3. Based on the principle of optimal utilization of land, Director of Home Affairs is working closely with Government Property Administrator to identify joint users with a view to developing these sites into composite Government buildings. Upon completion of the identification process, preliminary project feasibility studies will be conducted and, depending on the outcome of these studies, funding for the projects will be sought as appropriate.

    (ii) Joint developments with Housing Department (10 sites)

4. These sites are either in or adjacent to housing estates. Director of Home Affairs is working closely with Director of Housing to pursue joint developments (composite buildings comprising community halls and housing units).

    (iii) Private developments (7 sites)

5. These sites will be developed by private developers who have agreed to incorporate community facilities including community halls into the developments. Director of Home Affairs will monitor progress of these projects.

    (iv) Releases to Social Welfare Department, Housing Department and Government Property Administrator (21 sites)

6. These sites have been or will be released to the relevant Departments for development into welfare facilities, housing units and other uses as appropriate.

    (v) Possible relocations (11 sites)

7. We are examining the feasibility of relocating the proposed community halls to nearby Government or private developments with a view to releasing these sites for disposal or other uses. Again, Director of Home Affairs is working closely with Government Property Administrator and other parties on the options.

Review of the existing community halls

8. A review of the existing 77 community centres and community halls has also been completed. We have concluded that the vast majority of these halls are serving an existing need and should therefore be retained. Home Affairs Department will continue to actively pursue proposals to maintain and improve the utilization rates of these halls. A small number of these halls have potential for redevelopment. Director of Home Affairs will explore possibilities with Government Property Administrator to identify joint users and take the projects forward. We wish to point out that these proposals are at an initial stage. We will consult the relevant District Boards when in a position to do so.


9. We will be pleased to discuss with members the content of this paper.

Home Affairs Bureau/
>Home Affairs Department
February 1998


67 Community Hall Sites

(1) Joint developments (identification of joint users underway) (18 sites)

1. Sai Ying Pun (C&W)

2. Kennedy Town (C&W)

3. Peel Street/Graham Street (C&W)

4. Nam Long Shan (S)

5. Bailey Street (KC)

6. Yau Tong Bay (KT)

7. Cheung Sha Wan Shipyard (SSP)

8. Ma On Shan 103 (ST)

9. Ma On Shan 108 (ST)

10. Sha Tin 14B (ST)

11. Tseung Kwan O Area 56 (SK)

12. Tsueng Kwan O Area 44 (SK)

13. Hung Shui Kiu (YL)

14. Tuen Mun Area 44 (TM)

15. Cheung Chau South (Is)

16. Kam Tin, Tsz Tong Tsuen (YL)

17. Tuen Mun Area 4B (TM)

18. Siu Sai Wan (E)

(2) Joint developments with Housing Department (10 sites)

1. Tsz On Estate (WTS)

2. Sau Mau Ping (KT)

3. Aldrich Bay Reclamation (E)

4. Ho Man Tin Redevelopment (KC)

5. Lok Fu Extension (WTS)

6. Northern Section of West Kowloon Reclamation (SSP) (at Site 6)

7. Un Chau Street Estate Phase 2 (SSP)

8. Lam Tin South (KT)

9. Lei Muk Shue Estate Redevelopment (TW)

10. Ma Hang Estate (S)

(3) Private developments (7 sites)

1. Leighton Hill & Harcourt Place (W)

2. K 2 Project (YTM)

3. Discovery Bay (Is)

4. Taikoo (E)

5. Yuen Long No. 15 (YL)

6. Mei Lai Road (SSP)

7. Fanling/Sheung Shui Area 21 (N)

(4) Releases to Social Welfare Department/Housing Department/ Government Property Administrator (21 sites)

A To Social Welfare Department (3 sites)

1. Java Road (E)

2. Sha Tin Area 4D (ST)

3. Tseung Kwan O Area 15

B To Housing Department (6 sites)

1. Kwai Chung Estate (K&T)

2. Shek Lei (K&T)

3. Tseung Kwan O Area 48/59, Sheung Tak Estate (SK)

4. Lam Tin North (KT)

5. On Yam Estate (K&T)

6. Kwai Shing East Estate (K&T)

C To Government Property Administrator (12 sites)

1. Farm Road (KC)

2. Hung Hom Bay Reclamation (KC)

3. Former Nethersold Hospital (C&W)

4. Tsing Luk Street (K&T)

5. Lai Cho Road (K&T)

6. Wing Chun Street (TW)

7. Tuen Mun Area 56 (TM)

8. Yuen Long Town Area 14 (YL)

9. Lau Fau Shan (YL)

10. Tin Shui Wai Area 27 (YL)

11. Lei King Wan, Sai Wan Ho (E)

12. Kowloon Bay (KT)

(5) Possible relocations (11 sites)

1. Tuen Mun Area 51 (TM)

2. Tuen Mun Area 14 (TM)

3. Tuen Mun Area 18 (TM)

4. Fanling/Sheung Shui Area 44 (N)

5. Tin Shui Wai Reserve Zone 112 (YL)

6. Mui Wo Central (Is)

7. North Landau (Is)

8. Off Pokfulam Road (S)

9. Southern Section of Western Kowloon Reclamation (YTM)

10. Ngan Chi Wan Village (WTS)

11. Tiu Keng Leng Area 72 (SK)