The President

       On 25 January 1997, the Provisional Legislative Council met for the first time to elect a President for the Council. The Honourable Mrs FAN HSU Lai-tai, Rita, was elected President.

       In line with Article 72 of the Basic Law, the President of the Provisional Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall exercise the following powers and functions:

      (a) To preside over meetings;

      (b) To decide on the agenda, giving priority to government bills for inclusion in the agenda;

      (c) To decide on the time of meetings;

      (d) To call special sessions during the recess;

      (e) To call emergency sessions on the request of the Chief Executive; and

      (f) To exercise other powers and functions as prescribed in the rules of procedure of the Council.

The Secretariat

       The Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat provides supporting services to the Provisional Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Prior to 1 July 1997, meetings of the Provisional Legislative Council and its committees were held in Shenzhen. The Secretariat, which comprises around 300 staff members headed by the Clerk to the Provisional Legislative Council.

       The Secretariat provides the following services to the Council:

      (a) Servicing of meetings of the Council, its committees and working groups;

      (b) Facilitating communication with and among Members in relation to the business of the Council;

      (c) Collating public views on the work of the Council; and

      (d) Promoting public understanding of the work of the Council.

       The address and telephone numbers of the Secretariat are as follows:

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
The Legislative Council Building
8 Jackson Road
Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2869 9399
Facsimile: (852) 2845 2444