CB(2) 404/98-99(01)

Bills Committee on Human Reproductive Technology Bill
Checklist of items discussed
(as at 24 September 1998)

Issues discussedClause
(if applicable)
1. To include "This Ordinance binds the Government" in the Bill (This provision was included in the former bill under the same name) -Adm to look into the matter again

2.Prohibiting the licensee and person responsible for carrying out reproductive technology (RT) to be the same person 21(2)Adm to reconsider the need for the licensee and person responsible to be two separate persons
3. Prohibiting the chairperson and deputy chairperson of the Council on Human Reproductive Technology to be registered medical practitioners 3(2)Adm to reconsider the provision
4. Code of practice7Adm to ask the Provisional Council on RT to provide a copy of the draft code for members' reference

5. Limiting RT services to married couples13(5)Reasons for this provision explained by the Adm

6. Ceiling on number of RT procedures commissioned by married couple.-Adm clarified that there is no limit

7. Limitation on eggs and sperms donation-Adm explained that to reduce chance of incest, there is a limit of three successful inseminations in respect of each donor

8. The membership of the Council on Human Reproductive Technology should be apportioned equally between males and females through administrative means (para 15 of LegCo Brief)-Briefly discussed