Bills Committee on
Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Bill 1999

Sixth meeting to be held on Saturday, 20 May 2000
at 9:00 am in Conference Room B of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Matters arising
  2. LC Paper No. CB(2)1958/99-00(01)-List of papers previously issued (issued)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)1626/99-00(01)-A letter dated 6 April 2000 from the Law Society of Hong Kong on proposed section 13(2A) (issued)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)1658/99-00(01)-The Chairman's letter dated 7 April 2000 in response to the Law Society's letter circulated vide LC Paper No. CB(2)1626/99-00(01) (issued)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)1658/99-00(02)-Administration's letter dated 11 April 2000 enclosing a Consultation Paper on section 27A of the Ordinance (issued and restricted)

  3. Draft Committee Stage amendments
  4. The Bill

    LC Paper No. CB(2)1958/99-00(02)-Administration's letter dated 10 May 2000 enclosing the latest draft CSAs (issued)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)1958/99-00(03)-Marked up copy of the Bill showing CSAs proposed by the Administration (issued)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)1976/99-00(01)-A revised set of CSAs proposed by the Administration (issued)

  5. Date of next meeting

Legislative Council Secretariat
16 May 2000