LC Paper No. CB(3) 73/98-99(01)

Page 4 of the Registration Form on Members' Interests

Registrable Interest
Financial Sponsorships

4.Have you or your spouse received any payment, or any material benefit or advantage (see Notes below) from any person or organization which in any way relates to your membership of the Legislative Council?


If so, please give details.


Notes: (a)A Member is expected to make the necessary enquiries of his spouse in order to make a full and timely return on the registration of interests relating to financial sponsorships.

(b) Where a company is named as sponsor, please indicate briefly the nature of its business.

(c) You should include any material benefit or advantage received gratis or at a price below that generally available to members of the public.

(d) Please refer to note (b) of Category 1 for the definition of "material benefit".

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