Public Works Subcommittee Meeting
to be held on Wednesday 23 June 1999
at 10:45 a.m. in Legislative Council Chamber
in the Legislative Council Building


Items deferred from the June 16 meeting -

Public Works Programme

Upgrading of projects to Category A

Head 703 - Buildings

PWSC(1999-2000)55235LP Improvements to Police stations and operational facilities






Community hall at Aldrich Bay phase 4 housing development

Community hall at Tsz On Estate phase 3 housing development

Community hall at Sheung Tak Estate phase 9 housing development

Community hall at Shek Lei Estate phase 12 housing development

Elderly health centre at Kwai Shing East Estate phase 7 housing development

Head 711 - Housing

PWSC(1999-2000)46566CL Development at Anderson Road

PWSC(1999-2000)47564CL Development near Choi Wan Road and Jordan Valley