House Committee of the Legislative Council
9th meeting on 25 September 1998


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the 8th meeting held on 18 September 1998

  2. (LC Paper No. CB(2) 308/98-99)

  3. Matters arising

  4. Report by the Chairman on his meeting with the Chief Secretary for Administration

  5. Business arising from previous Council meetings

    1. Legal Service Division's report on bills referred to the House Committee in accordance with Rule 54(4)

      Securities (Insider Dealing) (Amendment) Bill 1998
      (LC Paper No. LS 26/98-99)

    2. Legal Service Division's report on subsidiary legislation tabled in Council on 23 September 1998 (gazetted on 18 September 1998)
      (LC Paper No. LS 35/98-99)

  6. Further report by the Legal Service Division on outstanding bills

  7. Fisheries Protection (Amendment) Bill 1998
    (LC Paper No. LS 36/98-99)

  8. Further business for the Council meeting on 30 September 1998

    1. Legal Service Division's report on subsidiary legislation to be tabled in Council on 30 September 1998 (to be gazetted on 25 September 1998)

      Verbal report by the Legal Adviser.

    2. Questions
      (LC Paper No. CB(3) 308/98-99)

  9. Business for the Council meeting on 14 October 1998

    1. Questions
      (LC Paper No. CB(3) 309/98-99)

    2. Bills - First and Second Readings

      1. Adaptation of Laws Bill 1998

      2. Adaptation of Laws (No. 2) Bill 1998

    3. Government motion

      Resolution under section 7 of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance (Cap. 59) - to be moved by Secretary for Education and Manpower

      Content of the resolution attached.

    4. Members' motions

      1. Motion to be moved by Prof Hon NG Ching-fai

        Prof Hon NG Ching-fai has been allocated a debate slot.

      2. Motion on "Organ donation"

        Hon LAU Chin-shek has given notice to move the above motion.

  10. Business for the Council meeting on 21 and 22 October 1998

    1. Questions
      (LC Paper No. CB(3) 310/98-99)

    2. Debate on the motion "That this Council thanks the Chief Executive for his address"

      In accordance with past practice, the Chairman of the House Committee will move the above motion. Members will speak for two days. The maximum speaking time for each Member will be 15 minutes. Members who wish to speak on a specific day should so advise ASG3, otherwise they will be called by the President during the debate in the normal manner.

  11. Panel to undertake issues relating to the overall economic development of Hong Kong

  12. (LC Paper No. CB(1) 227/98-99)

  13. Reports

    1. Position report on Bills Committees/subcommittees
      (LC Paper No. CB(2) 312/98-99)

    2. Report of the Subcommittee on Statutes of the University of Hong Kong (Amendment) Statutes 1998

      Verbal report by subcommittee Chairman.

  14. Election of Member to Committee on Rules of Procedure

  15. As Hon LEE Wing-tat has resigned from the Committee on Rules of Procedure, it is necessary for another Member to be nominated for appointment by the President to the Committee.

  16. Any other business

Legislative Council Secretariat
25 September 1998