(English translation prepared by the
Legislative Council Secretariat
for Members' reference only)

(Letterhead of Prof. the Hon. NG Ching-fai's Office)

31 May 1999

Dr the Hon LEONG Che-hung, JP
House Committee

Dear Dr LEONG,

An emergency meeting to discuss the impact of
the report released by Christopher Cox, a US congressman, on Hong Kong
and the follow-up actions to be taken

The Cox report released recently accused China of stealing from US secrets relating to national defence and Hong Kong of providing a convenient base for the acquisition and transfer of classified information and related technology across the border. Such hard-hitting allegations will not only tarnish the reputation of both China and Hong Kong, but also undermine the Sino-US and US-Hong Kong trading relations and normal scientific exchanges. In this connection, we urge the House Committee to call an emergency special meeting, so as to discuss the appropriate measures to be taken, and to invite local institutions engaging in research and technological activities, as well as trade and industrial organizations and enterprises that are to be affected to attend the meeting to put forward their views.

CHOY So-yuk and NG Ching-fai