(Translation prepared by Legislative Council Secretariat, for reference only)

(Letterhead of Secretariat of Legislative Councillors of the Democratic Party)

By fax

From:Hon Martin LEE Chu-ming
To:Dr Hon LEONG Che-hung
Chairman, House Committee
Date:2 June 1999

Dear Dr Leong,

Early Circulation of Wording of Amendments to Motion Debates

Concerning the arrangement for motion debates, it is found in past records that it is usually the third day after the date on which the wording of a motion debate is finalized when other Members can see the formal wording for debate. After that, they have in average only four days to propose amendments. When Members see the final wording of the amendments, they usually have only four days to prepare for the debate.

Sometimes the time available for preparation is even shorter. Taking the motion debate on Hon LAW Chi Kwong's motion on 28 April as an example, the formal wording of Hon Selina CHOW's amendment was not available until 26 April, and Members had to debate on the subject in two days' time.

Hence I propose that, on the one hand, the President of Legislative Council should consider how the time for endorsing the wording can be shortened, and on the other hand, after the deadline for proposing amendments, the Legislative Council Secretariat may circulate draft versions of the amendments to other Members, with clear indication that the wording is subject to approval of the President. This will allow more time for Members to prepare for the debate.

As such, I propose that the subject concerning early circulation of the wording of amendments to motion debates be discussed at the House Committee meeting this week.

With regards,

(Martin LEE)