CB(2) 779/98-99(01)

30 November 1998
Chairman, Subcommittee on Human Organ Transplant Ordinance

Dear Chairman,

Proposed Addition of a provision on "time limit"
to the Human Organ Transplant Ordinance

I urge the Subcommittee on Human Organ Transplant Ordinance to propose to the Government that, in amending the Human Organ Transplant Ordinance, the provisions on the Human Organ Transplant Board's functions to consider applications for:

1. transplants between persons not genetically related (Section 5); and

2. importing organs for transplant purposes (Section 6)

be strengthened by adding the following clauses:

1. to set a time limit for processing the applications; and

2. to formulate contingency measures and procedures in cases when a decision cannot be made within the time limit.

As every second counts in saving life, it is necessary to set a time limit regarding the processing of applications and to stipulate relevant contingency measures, so that urgent applications can be dealt with within a reasonable time frame and urgent transplant operations can be conducted. The Human Organ Transplant Board should also be given more flexibility in handling their work so that Board members would not be in a quandary in considering urgent applications.

My proposals are as urgent as those introduced by the Government for the consideration of the Subcommittee. I hope that members of the Subcommittee would support my proposals.

(Tang Siu-tong)
Member of the Subcommittee on Human
Organ Transplant Ordinance