Subcommittee on Review of the Operation of the LegCo Redress System

bulletTerms of reference

To examine the structural changes in the LegCo Redress System which may need to be made in the light of the provision in Article 73(8) of the Basic Law relating to the Council's power to receive and handle complaints from Hong Kong residents.

bulletLegislative Council Brief

bulletLegal Service Division Report

   LS 53/98-99

bulletConsidered by the House Committee at the following meetings

   19 March 1999
   27 November 1998
bullet Membership(The term of office of members of this committee ended on the expiry of the term of the Legislative Council on 30 June 2000)
    Dr Hon LEONG Che-hung, JP (Chairman)
    Hon Cyd HO Sau-lan
    Hon Martin LEE Chu-ming, SC, JP
    Hon LEE Kai-ming, SBS, JP
    Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, JP
    Hon Jasper TSANG Yok-sing, JP
    Hon CHOY So-yuk
    Hon Andrew CHENG Kar-foo

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