Subcommittee on Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Loadshifting Machinery) Regulation

Meeting on Monday, 13 September 1999 at 8:30 am
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Meeting with the Administration and the deputations

    [Paper No. CB(2)2779/98-99(01)-summary of the written submissions received as at 9 September 1999 (Chinese version to follow) attached]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2756/98-99(01)-the Administration's response to issues raised at the meeting on 23 July 1999]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2716/98-99(01)-written submission of the Hong Kong Container Freight Station Association Ltd]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2716/98-99(02)-written submission of the Construction Industry Training Authority]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2756/98-99(02)-written submission of the Harbour Transportation Workers General Union* (Chinese version)]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2756/98-99(03)-written submission of the Vocational Training Council]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2756/98-99(04)-written submission of the Occupational Safety & Health Council]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2756/98-99(05)-further submission of the Hong Kong Container Freight Station Association Ltd]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2779/98-99(02)-written submission of the CityU SCOPE OSH Alumni Association attached]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2779/98-99(03)-written submission of the Central Container Handling Safety Committee attached]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2779/98-99(04)-written submission of the Hong Kong Construction Association Ltd (English version) attached]

    [Paper No. CB(2)2779/98-99(05)] -written submission of the Hong Kong Storehouses and Transportation Staff Association (Chinese version) attached]

  2. Any other business
* no representative will attend the meeting

Legislative Council Secretariat
10 September 1999