Legislative Council Constitutional Affairs Panel
Meeting on 20 July 1998

Review of 1998 Legislative Council Election


The first Legislative Council ("LegCo") election of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was successfully held on 24 May 1998. This paper explains how the post-election review is being conducted.

Present Position

2. According to section 8(1) of the Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance, the Electoral Affairs Commission ("the Commission") is required to make a report to the Chief Executive, within three months after the May election, on matters relating to the election in respect of which the Commission has any function. As in the past, such report on election will, inter alia, review the various electoral procedures and practical arrangements for the May election.

3. As a first step of the review, the Registration and Electoral Office ("REO") has sent questionnaires to all candidates, Presiding Officers and Counting Supervisers in June 1998 to solicit their views and comments on the electoral arrangements, which cover areas such as nomination procedure, various guidelines for candidates/polling staff/counting staff, polling station arrangements, counting arrangements, etc. Feedback received has been passed to the Commission for consideration.

4. At the same time, representatives from the relevant government bureaux and departments have met to review the various practical aspects which include the polling and counting arrangements, designation of the polling stations, delivery of poll cards, and provision of enquiry hotline services, etc. Views expressed and suggestions made will be passed on to the Commission for consideration.

Next Step

5. The Commission is now working on the report as mentioned above. As required by law, the report will be submitted to the Chief Executive on or before 24 August 1998. In the meantime, the Commission would welcome any further comments and suggestions by Members.

6. For the next step, the Adminstration will study the report of the Commission carefully once it is available and consider any improvements necessary for future elections. The Administration will also start reviewing the electoral system in preparation for the second LegCo election in 2000.

Constitutional Affairs Bureau
17 July 1998