To monitor the performance of the Government, the Legislative Council has established 17 panels to deliberate on issues relating to specific policy areas. These panels also give views on major legislative or financial proposals before their formal introduction into the Council or Finance Committee, as well as examine important issues of wide public concern as referred by the Council, House Committee or as raised by the panels themselves.

Panel on Administration of Justice & Legal Services
Panel on Constitutional Affairs Panel
    Subcommittee on mechanism for amending the Basic Law
Panel on Economic Services
    Subcommittee on follow-up on the recommendations of the three inquiry reports on the
    opening of the new airport
Panel on Education
    Panel on Subcommittee on facilities in special schools for physically handicapped children
Panel on Environmental Affairs
Panel on Financial Affairs
Panel on Health Services
Panel on Home Affairs
    Subcommittee on Long-term Cultural Policy
Panel on Housing
Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting
Panel on Manpower
Panel on Planning, Lands & Works
Panel on Public Service
Panel on Security
Panel on Trade & Industry
Panel on Transport
Panel on Welfare Services

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