(Letterhead of the Office of Hon CHAN Kam-lam)

26 April 1999

To: Ms LEUNG Siu-kum,
Clerk to LegCo Panel on Housing
From: Office of Hon CHAN Kam-lam

Dear Ms LEUNG,

I would like to raise the following questions on the agenda item "Development at Anderson Road and Development at Choi Wan Road/Jordan Valley" for the Panel meeting to be held on 3 May:

  1. According to the information paper prepared by the Housing Bureau, the Development at Anderson Road (DAR) project will provide 13 300 residential units. Of these, what are the ratios of public rental housing (PRH) units, Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) units and private housing units?

  2. The construction works of DAR project will commence in 2002 with the first population intake in 2009, but in parallel the quarry at Anderson Road will continue to operate, how will the Administration tackle the associated traffic and environmental pollution problems?

  3. What are the locations of the private land to be resumed under DAR project and the existing uses of such land?

  4. As the population in the development area will increase by 41 000 upon completion of DAR project, coupled with the existing population of nearly 600 000 in Kwun Tong district and the future population increase at Po Lam Road Platform, it will constitute great pressure on the traffic along Clear Water Bay Road and Po Lam Road. Has the Administration worked out any specific transport infrastructural programmes? If so, what are the details of these programmes?

  5. Since there is a potential landfill gas hazard in the Jordan Valley Landfill, how could the Administration ensure that it will not pose any danger to the buildings in the development project? Is there really an urgent need to start the construction works in 2001?

  6. According to Annex B to the information paper, the Development at Choi Wan Road and Jordan Valley (DCWJV) project will provide 11 120 residential units which only comprise HOS and private housing units. Why is there no plan for the production of PRH flats in the area?

  7. Why is it necessary to build two primary schools and five secondary schools under DCWJV project?

CHAN Kam-lam
Member of the Legislative Council