Information Paper for LegCo Panel on Housing Special Meeting
Selection/Allocation of Sites for Public Housing Development

  1. Sites for public housing come from two broad categories - new sites allocated by the Government and redevelopment of existing Housing Authority estates. All sites proposed for public housing have the support of concerned bureaux and departments.

  2. Production on sites will be optimised to ensure the best and most effective use of the valuable land resource to meet the Chief Executive's housing targets and demand for public housing. Hence, upon Government's approval, some sites previously reserved for Government, Institution and Community (GIC) or open space may be used for public housing development if they are no longer required.

  3. The needs of the local residents will be considered carefully before a decision is made on changing sites that were previously reserved for GIC and open space for public housing use. Where necessary, the affected facilities will be reprovisioned elsewhere as appropriate.

  4. The Government's project approval procedures are adopted for all public housing developments. Development parameters are prepared with input from concerned parties and approved by the District Planning Conference (DIPCON) chaired by the Planning Department.

  5. Based on the approved development parameters and concept plans, detailed layout of the public housing project will be prepared after the DIPCON approval stage to improve configuration of the blocks and location of various facilities including local open space. Regardless of the adjustments, however, the requirements of the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines will always be met.

  6. In general, District Boards will be consulted on the Housing Authority's redevelopment projects subsequent to DIPCON's approval. For new public housing sites, District Boards are consulted as part of the planning studies or rezoning process.