LegCo Panel on Manpower

Meeting on
Tuesday, 14 July 1998 at 3:40 pm
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman

  2. Schedule of meetings for the 1998-99 session

  3. Discussion items for next meeting

  4. List of issues to be considered

  5. Any other business

Legislative Council Secretariat
14 July 1998

Panel on Manpower

List of issues to be considered

1. Review on employment conditions of live-in domestic helpers

The purpose of the review is to assess whether special arrangements are required for this group of employees. The Administration aims to complete the review by the third quarter of 1998.

2. Review of Working Time Arrangements

The review includes a study on the pattern of working time arrangements of Hong Kong's workforce, an assessment of likely economic implications, overseas experience and practices etc.. The Administration is in the process of finalising the review.

3. Pneumoconiosis Ex Gratia Scheme and the Pneumoconiosis Compensation Scheme

The Administration has indicated that it will introduce legislative amendments to revise the levels of compensation under the Pneumoconiosis Compensation Scheme within this legislative session. It also intends to adjust the payment levels of similar benefit items under the Ex Gratia Scheme on the understanding that the revised levels would come into effect on the same date.

4. Review on re-instatement

The Administration has advised that it will commence the review on re-instatement in July 1998 and consider whether there is a need to introduce changes to the condition for re-instatement which is at present subject to mutual consent of employers and employees. The review is expected to be completed by the end of 1998.