LC Paper No. CB(2) 1383/98-99(01)

LegCo Panel on Manpower
List of outstanding items for discussion
(as at 25.2.1999)

1.Progress of measures to create jobs and tackle unemployment

The Administration proposes to report on its progress of measures to create jobs and tackle unemployment every month.

2.Member's bill on age discrimination to be introduced by Hon LAU Chin-shek

Proposed on 14 July 1998, Hon LAU Chin-shek intends to introduce a Member's bill on age discrimination in this session. The item was originally scheduled for discussion at the meeting held on 24 September 1998 but was subsequently deferred for discussion till further notice.

3.Review on employment conditions of live-in domestic helpers

The review aims to assess whether special arrangements are required for this group of employees. Hon CHAN Yuen-han suggested at the meeting held on 24 September 1998 that the definition of the term "domestic helper" be further discussed with consideration given to some other employees, e.g. drivers who work in domestic setting. The Administration has yet to complete its review on the subject and undertakes to provide the Panel with an information paper for its discussion at a future meeting.

4.Review of working time arrangements

The review includes a study on the pattern of working time arrangements of Hong Kong's workforce, an assessment of likely economic implications, overseas experience and practice etc. Scheduled for discussion in November 1998, the subject is deferred at the request of the Administration to a future meeting.

5.Rest break of employees

Proposed on 21 September 1998, Hon Andrew CHENG Kar-foo is concerned about whether or not local employees will be provided with a rest break of 20-30 minutes following five hours’ continuous work as in other countries, e.g. England. Feedback from the Administration is awaited before the Panel examines the issue with a view to proposing a legislative change if necessary.

Legislative Council Secretariat

25 February 1999