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Information Note on Tseung Kwan O Development at Area 137


When the Administration briefed the Planning, Lands and Works Panel of the Legislative Council on our funding request for the Stage 2 reclamation at Tseung Kwan O (TKO) Development at Area 137 (Fat Tong O) on 23.3.99, Members requested for an overview of all other reclamation projects in TKO, either in progress, planned, or under study.


2. All reclamation projects that are in progress, planned or under study in TKO are listed below-

Reclamation ProjectsAreaCommencement DateCompletion DateProposed Uses
(A) In Progress
    (I) TKO Area 137 Stage 1
57ha.Early 1996 End 1999
  • Potentially hazardous installations
  • South-east NT landfill working area
(B) Planned
    (II) TKO Area 137 Stage 2
47ha. End 1999 End 2002
  • Deep waterfront industries and working area

  • Car/lorry park
    (III) TKO Town Centre Extension at Areas 72 & 67 (part)
19ha. End 1999 Mid 2002
  • Government, institution and community facilities (major uses include schools, clinic, police station, fire station & indoor recreation centre)

  • Open space

  • Residential (private)
(C) Under Study
    (IV) Port Development at TKO Area 131
28ha. 2003 2006
  • Cargo working area

  • Typhoon shelter

  • Government facilities (major uses include public fill barging point & fire boat station)
    (V) Further Reclamation at TKO Bay
76ha. 2003 2007
  • Residential (public & private)

  • Open space

  • Commercial

  • Government, institution and community facilities (major uses include hospital, specialist clinic, schools, indoor recreation centre & ferry pier)

3. A plan showing the location of the above projects is attached.

Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
April 1999