For consideration
on 10 June 1999


Draft Vision Statement for the Victoria Harbour
and Central Reclamation Phase III


Since the publication of the Outline Zoning Plans (OZPs) covering the proposed Central Reclamation Phase III (CRIII) on 29 May last year, Members and the public have raised concerns over the importance of protecting and preserving the central harbour and urged the Government to consider reducing the scale of CRIII. During the past six months, the Administration has widely consulted the public, including political, professional and environmental groups as well as all other parties concerned. This paper sets out the Administration's latest proposal for CRIII.


2. In the light of the public concerns over the central harbour, the Town Planning Board (TPB) has drafted a "Vision Statement" for the Victoria Harbour, together with a statement of its "Goals for the Harbour", set out in Annex A. The TPB intends to fully consult the public on the documents. When finalised, the Vision and Goals would serve as the basis for formulating long-term planning strategy to guide future development along the harbour-front.


3. The original CRIII involves a reclamation of about 38 hectares (ha.) in the central harbour. When gazetted, the TPB received a total of 73 public objections. In addition, a motion was carried at the Legislative Council (LegCo) debate held on 29 July 1998 that urges the Administration to scale down its reclamation plans. Having taken fully into account the views expressed by LegCo as well as those from the objectors, the Administration has reviewed the scale of CRIII and drawn up a proposed revised scheme (as shown in Annex B) which has been submitted to TPB for preliminary consideration on 4 June.

4. The TPB has reviewed the revised scheme and measured it against its own draft Vision and Goals for the Victoria Harbour. The key differences between the original and revised schemes are set out below -

  1. reclamation extent has been reduced by about 40% (from 38 ha. to 22 ha.);

  2. area to be reclaimed for road use has been reduced by about 60% (from 11 ha. to 4 ha.);

  3. commercial sites on the reclamation have been replaced by open space and sites for low-rise recreational, entertainment and tourism-related uses (such as retail shops, waterfront , etc.); and

  4. commercial sites on existing reclaimed land to the west of the reclamation have been combined to form one large "Comprehensive Development Area (CDA)". The CDA will be specially designed to allow commercial sites to be fully integrated with an unobstructed view corridor which would provide a continuous pedestrian walkway that connects the new waterfront with the existing Central District.
5.A detailed comparison of the land-uses between the original and revised CRIII scheme is set out in Annex C.

6. In terms of urban design features and town planning concepts, the revised CRIII could be broadly divided into the following four different zones -

  1. the Waterfront promenade - this would serve as an open park, supported by low-rise developments specified for recreational/entertainment functions, such as open-air , retail pavilions, places for festive events, etc. The crescent shape promenade would provide an attractive and unbroken waterfront walkway that connects the CRI in the West with the Convention Centre in the East.

  2. the Statue Square Corridor - this would be a north-south view corridor that provides an obstructed view from the existing LegCo Building to the new waterfront. High quality commercial and office spaces would be provided at the western edge of this development area in the form of "ground-scrapers". This would help meet our long-term needs for the expansion of the existing Central Business District (CBD). The entire corridor would take the form of an elevated decked structure with the primary function of providing a continuous pedestrian walkway between the existing Central District and the new waterfront. Retail facilities could be provided within the decked structure and it would also be connected to the contiguous shopping areas in Central through a network of well-designed footbridges and walkways.

  3. the Civic Corridor - the Tamar site in the middle of CRIII would be home to the Central Government Complex (CGC). The centrally located Civic Square in front of the CGC would provide ample space for ceremonial and recreational activities.

  4. the Arts and Entertainment Corridor - to the east of CRIII, there would be a water basin designed as a special feature to enhance the recreational value of the waterfront promenade. The G/IC sites along this Corridor would be reserved for uses such as the Museum of Reunification, an alternative site for City Hall re-development, or for the possible relocation of the LegCo Building, etc. Pedestrian links would be provided to connect this area with the nearby arts and entertainment facilities, such as the Academy for Performing Arts, the Hong Kong Arts Centre, etc..

7. A public forum will be held on 23 June 1999 to consult the public on the TPB's draft Vision and Goals for the Victoria Harbour. Further consultation sessions with individual political/professional groups may be organised, if necessary.

8. As regards CRIII, the TPB intends to gazette the proposed revised plan for CRIII for public consultation in early July. Subject to any further comments that might be received on the proposed revised plan, the TPB would submit the revised plan, amended or otherwise, to the Chief Executive-in-Council for a final decision on or before 29 October 1999.

Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
June 1999

Annex A


To make Victoria Harbour attractive, vibrant, accessible and symbolic of Hong Kong- a Harbour for the People and a Harbour of Life.

Our Goals for the Harbour

1. To bring the people to the Harbour and the Harbour to the people.

2. To enhance the scenic views of the Harbour and maintain visual access to the harbour-front.

3. To enhance the Harbour as a unique attraction for our people and tourists.

4. To create a quality harbour-front through encouraging innovative building design and a variety of tourist, retail, leisure and recreational activities, and providing an integrated network of open space and pedestrian links.

5. To facilitate the improvement of the water quality of the Harbour.

6. To maintain a safe and efficient harbour for the transport of people and goods and for the operation of an international hub port.

Statement of Intent on Reclamation

To ensure that reclamation in the Harbour is only carried out to meet essential community needs and public aspirations, and is environmentally acceptable.

Annex C


LAND USEOriginalScheme (ha.)New Scheme(ha.)
Open Spaces and Marine Basin19.015.2
Cultural and Government facilities5.65.4
(including footpathsand roadside amenity areas)
Other Specified Uses
(e.g.piers, retails and leisure facilities)
Comprehensive Development Area1.25.2
Total Reclamation Area38.322.9

Note - The above figures are initial estimates only and are subject to detailed design.