LegCo Planning, Lands and Works Panel Meeting on 10 September 1998

Information Paper

South East Kowloon Development at Kai Tak Airport
- site investigations and consultants fees


1. After the relocation of the Kai Tak Airport to the new airport at Chek Lap Kok in July 1998, the vacated site at Kai Tak Airport provides additional land in the urban area relieving the shortage of land required for residential and infrastructure development. We plan to develop the site comprising the Kai Tak Airport together with reclamation in Kowloon Bay in phases to accommodate a population of about 320 000. The north apron area itself can accommodate about 130 000 people.

2. The Government's committed housing development programme requires the first target population intake at the Kai Tak Airport site to take place in early 2003. To meet this target housing construction will need to start on north apron area by end 1999.

3. Item 469CL was upgraded to Category B in September 1996 entitled South East Kowloon development at Kai Tak Airport - early development package. Its scope comprises general site preparation and infrastructures including roads, drainage, sewerage and water supply system to serve development in the north apron area of Kai Tak Airport.

4. Part of Item 469CL was upgraded to Category A in February 1998 as 494CL entitled South East Kowloon development at Kai Tak Airport - decontamination and site preparation. Its scope comprises the ground decontamination, demolition of existing buildings/facilities and removal of airport concrete pavement at the north apron area of Kai Tak Airport to facilitate housing development.

Needs of the Project

5. In order to provide the supporting infrastructure to tie in with the very tight housing development programme in the north apron area, we need to start the site investigations and the detailed design of the infrastructure in January 1999 for completion in phases from August 2000 to June 2002. This will enable construction works to proceed in phases commencing mid 2000 for completion in 2006.

6. We also need to include a cultural heritage impact assessment for investigating the possible requirement of salvaging remains of the Kowloon Walled City at the site before developments take place.

7. Due to insufficient in-house resources, we need to engage consultants to supervise the site investigation works, carry out the cultural heritage impact assessment and undertake the detailed design of infrastructure.


8. We now propose to upgrade part of 469CL to Category A to cover the site investigation works in north apron area and the detailed design, including preparation of tender documents and assessment of tenders, of the following works -

  1. construction of about 4 kilometres of box culvert and 0.8 kilometres of open channel to replace the existing Kai Tak Nullah;

  2. construction of a sewage pumping station and about 3 kilometres of rising mains to convey sewage to the existing To Kwa Wan sewage treatment plant;

  3. construction of roads and associated drainage, sewerage and watermains in the north apron area;

  4. upgrading and extension of Sung Wong Toi Road and associated drainage, sewerage and watermains;

  5. landscaping works;

  6. provision of necessary environmental protection measures; and

  7. cultural heritage impact assessment.

9. The cost estimate of the proposed works is about $88 million at December 1997 prices, subject to on-going refinement. We will submit a PWSC paper for consideration on 23 September 1998.

10. We plan to engage consultants to start work in January 1999 so that construction works can start in time to meet the overall housing development programme. We will submit another PWSC paper seeking funds for the construction works at the appropriate time.


Site Plan

Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
August 1998