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Supplementary Information on Infrastructure Improvement Works at Wa Shan and Ping Che in the North District


When the Administration briefed the Planning, Lands and Works Panel of the Legislative Council on our funding request for the proposed infrastructure improvement works at Wa Shan and Ping Che in the North District on 11 February 1999, Members raised several questions related both directly and indirectly to the proposed infrastructure project. This paper provides answers to the questions raised.


Port cargo forecasts

2. In response to a Member's enquiry about the growth of container business, a copy of the Executive Summary of the "Hong Kong Port Cargo Forecasts 1997/98" prepared by the Port & Maritime Board has been forwarded by the Director of Planning to the Panel Secretariat on 2 March 1999 for Members' reference.

Drainage works in the North District

3. With regard to Members' request for information on drainage works in the North District, a comprehensive list of major river training and improvement projects undertaken in the North District is attached at Enclosure I with the locations of on-going projects shown at Enclosure II.

Compassionate rehousing arrangements

4. One Member enquired whether there was a policy for rehousing persons affected by flood control projects on compassionate grounds even though such affected persons were not eligible for public housing. There is at present a Compassionate Rehousing Scheme run jointly by Housing Department (HD) and Social Welfare Department (SWD) to help those people on special social or medical grounds who have genuine and immediate housing needs and are unable to solve their housing problem through their own resources. SWD would recommend eligible cases to HD for compassionate rehousing on the basis of the qualifying criteria set out at Enclosure III. People who are affected by government projects (including flood control projects) and fall within the above criteria would be considered for compassionate rehousing subject to SWD's recommendation. Each case will be judged on its own merits. HD will normally accept SWD's recommendations provided that the applicant would not, as a result, enjoy double housing benefit. The authority to recommend compassionate rehousing cases rests with District Social Welfare Officers and the authority to allocate a public flat to the applicant rests with the Director of Housing.

Other potential sites considered for infrastructure improvement works

5. In response to Members' enquiry about the three other sites that have been identified for infrastructure improvement works, details and location of these sites (together with the Wa Shan and Ping Che sites) are provided at Enclosure IV and V respectively.

Possible income to the Government arising from the project

6. With respect to Members' request for an assessment on the estimated income that might be generated by the proposed infrastructure project, a very rough estimate which is subject to the actual utilization of the Wa Shan and Ping Che sites by private operators is provided hereunder :-

  1. Wa Shan

      · Estimated Short Term Waiver (STW) fee - $1.74million per annum.

      · Estimated Short Term Tenancy (STT) rental - $0.91million per annum.

  2. Ping Che

      · Estimated STW fee - $3.35 million per annum.
      · Estimated STT rental - $0.56million per annum.
Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
March 1999

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Enclosure I

List of Major River Training/Improvement Projects in the North District

1. Major on-going river training/improvement projects (Enclosure II refers)

PWP ItemRiver SectionsStart Date Completion DateEstimated Cost
87CL/ALower Indus in Fanling Area 30B 9/983/01$350M
94CD/ALower Indus & River Beas 3/993/01$350M
53CD/BUpper Indus7/993/02$600M
91CD/ARural Drainage Rehabilitation Scheme - River Indus11/9812/00$145M
93CD/ARural Drainage Rehabilitation Scheme - River Beas4/996/01$150M
64CD/BRural Drainage Rehabilitation Scheme - River Ganges9/0212/04$100M

2. River training or flood protection schemes completed by Territory Development Department:

River Training/Flood Protection SchemeCompletion Date
  • Training of River Sutlej (Stage II) and Village Flood Protection for Tsung Pak Long and Tai Tau Leng
  • Poldered Scheme for Sheung Shui Wai in Area 3
  • Training of Ma Wat River
  • Training of Major Portion of River Sutlej

Enclosure IV

Five Potential Sites considered for Infrastructure Improvement Work

Site 1 - Ping Che (15.8 ha)

The subject site has been rezoned from "Agriculture" to "Open Storage". The site comprises mainly fallow agriculture land. Existing settlements of Ping Che Village are located to the south-west of the subject site. The site is currently accessible via a van-track passing through Ping Che Village leading from Ping Che Road to the west, and via a van-track leading from Wo Keng Shan Road to the north-east. Road improvement works for the van-track leading from Wo Keng Shan Road would alleviate the traffic problem and safety hazards which would otherwise inflict upon adjoining village as a result of open storage uses on the area. Proposed on-site drainage improvement work aims at providing drainage outlets for open storage operations and avoid flooding problems arising from site formation works which often are consequential to open storage uses. To alleviate the flooding of the lower course of Ping Yuen River, local drainage improvement works, independent form the improvement works mentioned above, would be carried out by Drainage Services Department (DSD). Design details are being considered by DSD.

Site 2 - Sheung Shui Wa Shan (10.08ha)

The subject site has been rezoned from "Agriculture" to "Other Specified Uses (Port Back-up Uses)". Part of the site is intermixed with active and fallow agriculture land. At present, the Wa Shan site mainly relies on a temporary vehicular access over a Water Supplies Department reserved area (with underground water pipe). The proposed road improvement work is essential so that the site can be optimized for port back-up uses.

Site 3 - Pat Heung (1.5ha)

The subject site has been rezoned from "Agriculture" to "Open Storage". There are no villages nearby. The site is bounded by a stream course to its west, north and east. The site is available for development immediately.

Site 4 - Man Kam To (2.64 ha)

The site is zoned as "Government, Institution or Community" and "Road" and was proposed for a temporary container trailer/tractor park pending implementation of the proposed vehicle holding area which is scheduled to commence in 2003. Planning permission for temporary container tractor/trailer park for a period of 12 months has been granted by the Rural and New Town Planning Committee at its meeting on 21.11.1998. The site is currently used as a container trailer and tractor park.

Site 5 - Kam Tin Road (2.4 ha)

This subject site falls within an area zoned "Undetermined". The southern part of the site also falls within the works limit of the "Improvement to Kam Tin Road, Stage 1" project commenced in February 1999. The site is immediately available for temporary open storage use. Four planning applications which fall wholly or partly within the site have been approved by the Rural and New Town Planning Committee.

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