Legislative Council
Panel on Planning, Lands and Works

New Central Government Complex at the Tamar Basin Reclamation Site


This paper aims to inform members of the planning parameters, scope and programme of the Central Government Complex project at the Tamar Basin Reclamation Site.


2. There has been a long recognised need to rationalise, expand and upgrade the facilities in the 40 years' old Central Government Offices at Lower Albert Road. To resolve the acute shortage of office space, a number of piecemeal solutions have been instigated over the years, including the leasing of nearby commercial premises and expansion into Murray Building. The long-term solution, however, should be the development of a new government offices complex, which brings together the Government Secretariat and functionally related departments within one modern development. This will improve the efficiency of the Government and enhance its image as a forward-looking administration.

3. A centrally located site large enough to reprovision the whole of the Government Secretariat is difficult to find. After reviewing its options, the Administration decided in January 1998 that the Tamar Basin Reclamation Site should be used for the development of the Central Government Complex (CGC). The major advantages of this approach are:
  1. the new CGC will be centrally and conveniently located to serve the community;

  2. the operation of the existing Government Secretariat will not be interrupted during the construction;

  3. the site will have the capacity to cater for future growth in demand for office space; and

  4. upon relocation, the Central Government Offices and the Murray Building sites can be made available for commercial development.
4.The project, entitled '3063 KA Central Government Complex', was upgraded to Category B in September 1998. It is proposed that part of the project be upgraded to Category A in December 1998 at an estimated cost of $473.41illion for the appointment of consultants to develop outline schematic proposals and to carry out design development, detailed design study, and contract documentation for the Central Government Complex.


5. The proposed CGC will fully utilise the Tamar Basin Reclamation Site which covers a total of 2.5 hectares. The first phase will occupy a net floor area of about 175,000m2 which is equivalent to a plot ratio of 10 based on the present project needs. The design will allow flexibility for future extension up to the maximum plot ratio of 15, yielding a net floor area of 262,500m2 .


6. The project will provide space for:
  1. the reprovisioning of all bureaux now located in the Central Government Offices and Murray Building, as well as bureaux and related offices presently located outside these buildings because of space shortage;

  2. the housing of a number of government departments and agencies which provide support services to, or have an operational need to be located near to, the Government Secretariat;

  3. the Chief Executive's Office including VIP reception and ancillary facilities;

  4. the Executive Council Offices with conference and secretariat facilities;

  5. community-oriented facilities including a Government Information and Resources Centre to facilitate dissemination of government information and interaction with the public, and landscaped open spaces for public use and for holding commemorative or ceremonial activities; and

  6. ancillary facilities such as Conference Halls, staff facilities and carparking spaces.
7. It is estimated that over 8,000 government staff will work in this office complex. In addition, VIP visitors, members of the public, the media, and tourists are expected to visit the complex regularly.


8. In view of the importance of this project and to ensure that we have a world-class complex, the Administration proposes to hold a competition for the design of the development. Submissions from competent architectural firms will be considered, including those from overseas and an adjudication panel will be formed to select the best design.


9.The project's estimated cost is HK$7,500 million at December 1997 prices.


10. Subject to the views of the Planning, Lands and Works Panel, we will make a submission to the Public Works Sub-Committee at its meeting on 16 December 1998 to upgrade part of the project to Category A for the appointment of consultants. The preliminary programme of the project is as follows:

(a) Invitations for architectural designs 1999 for the complexFeb./March

(b) Announcement of competition results December 1999

(c)Upgrading to Category A (Construction costs) June/July 2000

(d) Invitation of Tender (piling work) October 2000

(e) Commencement of worksJanuary 2001

(f) Completion of project February 2005

Administration Wing
Chief Secretary for Administration's Office
November 1998