Legislative Council Panel on Transport
Private Driving Instructor Licence


The purpose of this paper is to present for Members' information the present position regarding the issue of Private Driving Instructor Licences.


2. Since 1972, the Government has not issued any Private Driving Instructor Licences, except on 2 occasions :

  • In 1993, 61 Driving Instructor Licences were issued for Public Light Bus to regularise unlicensed instructors existing at the time; and

  • In 1994, 144 Driving Instructor Licences were issued for articulated vehicles which were a new type of vehicles introduced under the Road Traffic Ordinance.
3. In 1980, the Government decided to provide off-street driver training through designated driving schools. This fits in with Government's long term policy to promote off-street driver training through driving schools. The objectives are :
  • to facilitate monitoring of driver training standards;

  • to promote road safety; and

  • to reduce traffic congestion caused by on-street driver training.
4. There are now 3 designated driving schools. The first one was established in Wong Chuk Hang in 1983, the second in Tai Wai in 1987 and the third in Yuen Long in 1993. Driving Instructor Licences are issued to instructors employed in the three driving schools. These instructor licences are only valid for as long as the instructors remain in the employment of the designated driving schools.


5. As at April 1999, there were 2660 valid driving instructor licences. About 1100 private driving instructors were in active service. (A breakdown of the instructor licence for different types of vehicle with age profile is at Annex A).

6. Over the past years, there has been a continual drop in the demand for driving tests. The number of test forms sold by the Transport Department dropped from 216,644 in 1993 to 168,270 in 1998 (decreased by 22.3% over 5 years). (Statistics on market demand for Driving Tests in the past 6 years is at Annex B).


7. In line with the Government policy to promote off-street learner driver training, 3 new driving schools are being planned. The establishment of new driving schools will depend on demand and site availability. Driving schools of different mode and scale of operation would be set up depending on demand and suitability. Driving schools may also provide personalised training, similar to private instructors. Efforts have been made to encourage private driving instructors to participate in the operation of the driving school in Tsuen Wan.

  1. Tsuen Wan (on top floors of a Transport Department Multi-storey Carpark)

    This is a new type of driving school, and is the first of its kind. It is of small-scale requiring lower capital investment. This would allow small operator participation hence bringing in competition for consumers' interest. To safeguard the interest of private driving instructors and to encourage their participation in the operation of the school, 60% of the instructors (45-50) are to be recruited from private driving instructors.

  2. Siu Lek Yuen

    The school will replace the Tai Wai School vacated to make way for the Ma On Shan Rail Project.

  3. Tai Po

    This school will mainly be for the driver training of commercial vehicles.


8. Having regard to the falling demand for driving test and the spare training capacity, the Transport Department is of the view that there is at present no justification to issue new licences.

Transport Department
May 1999

Annex A

Supply of Driving Instructors in the Market in April 1999

No. of Private Instructor Licences:2,660
No. of Active Private Driving Instructors by April 1999:1,100

Age Profile of Private Driving Instructors

Types of Vehicles60 or BelowAbove 60Total

Annex B

Market Demand for Driving Tests in the Past 6 Years*

YearTotal No.
of Test Forms
% Difference with Previous Year

* (Including the written tests for taxi and driving tests for franchised buses.)